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This list includes fictional characters in animated cartoons , adult animation , and anime. Harry Benshoff and Sean Griffin write that animation has always "hint[ed] at the performative nature of gender" such as when Bugs Bunny puts on a wig and a dress, he is a rabbit in drag as a human male who is in drag as a female. Some LGBT characters in animation are derived from graphic art works and video games. Before meeting Yukito, Toya dated Kaho Mizuki when she was his junior high school teacher, and she broke up with him when she left to study in England. Mitsuka is attracted to boys and girls.

Kingdom hearts kirie naked

Kingdom hearts kirie naked

Kingdom hearts kirie naked

Kingdom hearts kirie naked

Kingdom hearts kirie naked

This character was used Alexis mature an example for issues with homosexuality and the show expressing thoughts and feelings for them. Chikane's feelings for Himeko border on obsession, and she wants to complete the Ame no Murakumo summoning ritual quickly so she alone can protect Himeko. In addition, she is referred to as a sister and girl by Kingdom hearts kirie naked brother Killua whom she loves dearly and vice versa. Ellen is lesbian. Alluka is part of the Zoldyck family, a well known family of assassins. To his dismay, he is chosen as a model and pictures of him start appearing in magazines under the alias Akemi Yamasaki. An apparently open lesbian there is no indication in the narrative that her tastes are at all hidden knowledgeFatora is much like her primary lover Alielle in that she has an overdeveloped sex drive and little concern for the concept of "faithfulness" or even "disinterested". July 29, Queers in American Popular Culture. Kingdom hearts kirie naked is implied that Bruce is gay and that Jeffrey is his domestic partner, as in " Road to the North Pole " where he states in the song "All I Want for Christmas" that he wants a wedding ring from a guy named Jeffrey.

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Note: all characters are 18 and over here It had been some time since the beach. Despite this, she still has a strong sense of adventure, helping out with the raft. Even Kingdom hearts kirie naked he hit Riku, it wouldn't cut him, but it Causal model of organizational change hurt like if he'd hit with a small hammer. Follow us on twitter rule34paheal We now have a guide to finding the best version of an image to upload. She's not as heaets and bold as she was in the first game, but she's still pretty sociable. During that time recovering, she didn't know what Sora was doing possibly washing off her wetness. According to Axel in the manga, Kairi is able to travel through the Corridor of Darkness without any negative effects because she is a Princess of Heart. XNALara 29? Devastated, she, along with Donald and Goofy, attempt to escape from Hollow Bastion. Soon afterwards, Kairi sends a letter in a bottle out to sea in hopes that Kingdom hearts kirie naked would reach Sora one day, and immediately remembers his name and possibly everything else about him "Starts with an 'S' Soon afterwards, Kairi sends a letter in a bottle out to sea in hopes that it would reach Sora one day, and immediately Kingdmo his name.

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When Sora crash lands into Deep Jungle , she reappears again for a short moment, right behind Tarzan , then disappears again. She is loyal and headstrong, and she can be rather stubborn sometimes. Sora sits on the Paopu tree while holding the message from King Mickey, staring off into the sunset. They talked about what those feelings meant, what they could lead to including children , and what they could do with them. He hands Kairi a keyblade , and they successfully fend off the remaining Heartless. The trio immediately open the letter and read it. She made a small sound as his fingers touched her bare skin, pulling her bra off her body.

Kingdom hearts kirie naked

Kingdom hearts kirie naked

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She would have fallen back over if not for his support, which she was grateful for. After a few moments of her purely recovering, he gently kissed her forehead. She didn't hear any trace of not being prepared, or not wanting to do it, so she went slow.

She tugged her fingers into the waistband of his pants and boxers, gulping shyly and nervously herself. She slowly pulled them down, her face turning dark-red as she caught sight of Sora's hard thing. Sure she had seen it before, but not like it was now. Sora squirmed a bit when her fingers grasped his thing, his breathing becoming heavy. She looked up at him, her eyes glazed with pleasure but still concerned. He slowly shook his head, his blush dark-red, but his eyes soft even in pleasure.

I'm not ready for that, not yet" he breathed out. She smiled slowly, gently removing her hand. To her surprise though, Sora gently pushed her backward onto the bed, then she gasped in surprise when she felt the tip of his dick against her still-wet genitals. Her face dark-red, she looked up at him with sparkling yet confused eyes. He smiled a bit, his fingers gently touched her cheek. She smiled up at him, her eyes sparkling but nervous and shy.

Her breathed hitched several times, and her eyes closed involutarily, then he hit her barrier. It'll hurt a little, but then the body will adjust As he did so, she braced herself with slow breathes. She had no regrets in giving herself to Sora, and she had heard that was the key to whether or not the first time would hurt a lot or little. Her entire body stiffened, and she made a small whimper, but there were no tears.

In fact, it hadn't hurt as much as the thought it would. Her body still needed time to adjust though, as her walls were unusued to this. His concern really touched her heart, and she managed to nod after a few moments, when her body adjusted.

As soon as it did though, feeling his thing inside her like this He began to move inside her. She cried out and moaned repeatedly, digging her fingers into his spiky hair as her body bounced hard with every thrust.

She felt like it was filling her every sense, even inch of her. Even though she didn't know it, her mouth said things of it's own accord; things like 'Faster' and 'Harder'. Everytime she said it, he would oblige. The pleasure just kept building, for both of them. Kairi wrapped her legs around Sora's back, pulling him closer to her, moaning loudly in pleasure.

She could feel it in her lower region, a building sensation. Seconds before she was about to explode though, Sora stopped with a cry, both of them slumping against the bed. She felt his seed fill her insides, breathing heavily, her face red. But she wasn't finished I haven't Her eyes closed and her body heaving, she didn't feel any response from him. Seconds passed, and she gathered what little energy she had to beg him again.

She squirmed underneath his licking tongue, moaning loudly as he did what she asked, her pleasure building back up again. Within seconds, it got closer and closer to exploding. She cried and moaned her loudest yet, slumping completely as her own fluids spilled out, her chest heaving. She didn't know how long she stayed that way, but she eventually got enough energy to open her eyes, even as her vision took a few seconds to un-blur. Sora sat there by her side, with a small smile.

Small drops dripped from his mouth. She giggled slowly, a small smile on her face as she lay there, her hand twitching to find his. As it turned out, they were both so tired afterward, they fell asleep together in the same bed. They would sleep in the same bed for every night afterward, even if all they did beforehand was kiss.

So overall, Sora can please his girl, despite being nervous and shy sometimes naive , though he can be sneaky. And Kairi, she likes it soft and gentle, or at least as soft and gentle as can be. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Kingdom Hearts. Disclaimer: Don't own Kingdom Hearts characters at all. Rating: M Just an idea I've had, hope you enjoy it. Note: all characters are 18 and over here It had been some time since the beach.

A good kind of different though. Sora broke past her barrier. He took some time to answer, but he did. Trapped on a section of Destiny Islands, Sora runs to Kairi and promises that he will come back to her as soon as he finds Riku and King Mickey.

She is then transported back to Destiny Islands without him, wistfully watching the island regenerate around her with Sora's goodbye still fresh in her mind. After the worlds are restored, Kairi visits the Secret Place and looks at the pictures that she and her friends had drawn over the years.

After spotting the picture that Sora had drawn of him giving her a paopu fruit , she is moved to tears and adds onto it, so that it depicts herself and Sora exchanging two halves of a paopu fruit. When Sora and Riku arrived at Castle Oblivion during their search for a way home, members of Organization XIII began their plans to manipulate them as they journey through the castle.

While traveling through the castle, Riku desperately tried to control the darkness within him, but Zexion , wanting Riku to succumb it, torments Riku with an illusion of Kairi, as well as with illusions of Tidus, Selphie, Wakka, and Sora. Selphie occasionally finds her waiting at the beach, but not knowing who for.

Kairi appears in Roxas and Xion 's dreams and memories, due to pieces of Sora's memories finding their ways to them. After Roxas wakes from his coma, Xion gives him a seashell, and when Roxas puts it up to his ear, he sees a memory that depicts Sora and Kairi on a beach looking at the sunset.

Later, in Xion's nightmare, Kairi is seen waking up Sora. Roxas sees a memory of Kairi during a mission in Destiny Islands and remarks that she looks like Xion. And during Xion's coma, she dreams of the time when Sora sacrifices himself to restore Kairi's heart in Hollow Bastion. Kairi is also mentioned by Riku and Xion when they were having a conversation on Destiny Islands. Because Xion is an imperfect Replica of Roxas, created from Sora's leaked memories as a fail-safe in case both Sora and Roxas proved to be useless to Organization XIII's plans, her appearance greatly resembles Kairi, since Sora's memories of Kairi were the strongest ones when she was created.

Soon afterwards, Kairi sends a letter in a bottle out to sea in hopes that it would reach Sora one day, and immediately remembers his name.

One day, as Kairi waits for Sora's return at the beach, Axel appears, offering to take her to see Sora. Suddenly, Pluto appears to warn Kairi. Axel summons a group of Dusks , but she escapes with Pluto into a nearby portal. She finds herself in a mysterious corridor, briefly seeing a hooded figure, then arrives in Twilight Town and meets Hayner , Pence and Olette.

She befriends them, learning they met Sora and that he promised to visit again. Unfortunately, she is found by Axel and forcibly taken by him, with Olette, Hayner, and Pence unable to stop him. She takes in stride, happy her friend is safe.

Riku leads her to Sora and is attacked by a group of Heartless. He hands Kairi a keyblade , and they successfully fend off the remaining Heartless. She is then reunited with Sora with a touching hug between these two. Kairi walks towards her and Sora follows Kairi. Roxas comes out of Sora. Kairi walks into the portal, but when Sora and Riku follow the portal disappears and they fight Xemnas again.

After they defeat Xemnas, they arrive at the shore of the Dark Margin. Kairi's letter washes up on shore and Sora reads it. The Door To Light appears and the two boys go through it and arrive at Destiny Islands shores as Kairi shouts for them. Smiling at each other, Kairi welcomes Sora back home as he hands her back the good luck charm. While Sora and Riku are talking about the Door to Light, Kairi runs up to them, shouting their names. Kairi hands Sora a letter in a bottle, containing King Mickey's letter.

The trio immediately open the letter and read it. Kingdom Hearts II. Sora sits on the Paopu tree while holding the message from King Mickey, staring off into the sunset. After Sora tells Riku that he has made a decision, Kairi walks up to them. Sora tells her that everyone needs him, and that he has to go because he is who he is because of them. She then hands him her lucky charm and tells him that she'll see him soon.

One of these figments takes the form of Kairi, who is walking side by side with Riku, away from Sora. She then takes the appearance of Aqua, while the figment of Riku turns into Terra , and Sora takes on Ventus 's appearance. Sora is incredibly confused, especially when Aqua and Terra turn around and walk away from him again, morphing back into Kairi and Riku. Ignoring the voice of Riku in the back of his head telling him to wake up and choosing instead to follow the pain in his heart, Sora chases after them as they flicker back and forth between his friends and Aqua and Terra.

A long-forgotten memory of meeting Aqua on the islands nearly twelve years prior is recalled before Sora is ejected from his dream, landing in front of Xigbar. As Xigbar and Xemnas reveal the true nature of the Organization to Sora, he is outraged by their disregard for the value of people's hearts.

When Xigbar brings into question the strength of Sora's own heart, he pauses momentarily before saying with conviction that the Keyblade may not have chosen him, but that he was proud to be connected to those who it did choose.

Kairi momentarily appears behind him, Keyblade in hand, alongside all the other friends connected in Sora's heart. The immense power of all the intertwined hearts unnerves Xigbar, who flees, leaving Xemnas to battle with Sora.

Later on, with the knowledge that Master Xehanort is organizing a new Organization XIII, one made from thirteen different incarnations of himself, Master Yen Sid orders Riku to retrieve the seventh Keyblade wielder, Kairi, in order to train her for the battles ahead.

Mickey reveals to Kairi and Riku that Aqua sacrificed herself to help keep the Heartless from attacking Riku back when the Door to Darkness was being sealed. Kairi learns that Merlin will instruct her in how to use her Keyblade alongside Lea , whom she is shocked to hear is the original form of Axel.

After Yen Sid gifts Riku and Mickey with new garments to protect them against the darkness, Kairi leaves to undergo her training. As Kairi trains with Lea, she is a little scared of him, even as he constantly apologizes for kidnapping her when he was Axel. However, Kairi warms up to Lea as their training progresses and they start getting to know each other, seeing him as someone she can't bring herself to hate when she learns that he also has a friend that he is trying to save.

Kairi notices that Lea sometimes stares at her face, and asking him what's wrong, Lea would say he doesn't know, but feels like it's something he should remember. Kairi writes a letter to Sora when she notices Lea staring at her again; she knows he's trying to remember something.

Asking Lea not to hold back during their next match, Kairi sparks a memory of Xion, causing Lea to cry. Lea apologizes for worrying her. Kairi tells him to stop apologizing; he agrees if she calls him "Axel" from now on, to which she agrees to.

Shortly after, Merlin drops off new clothes for Kairi and Lea made by the Good Fairies ; Kairi changes into hers and cut her hair. Lea then proceeds to talk about Ventus and how they became friends and how Roxas looked identical to him.

Aqua recognizes Kairi as the little girl she and Mickey saved in Radiant Garden many years ago, and though Kairi admits she does not recall much of her time on Radiant Garden, she thanks Aqua for saving her. Sora, Riku, and Kairi return to Destiny Islands the day before the final battle.

Kairi sits with Sora on a paopu fruit tree and gives him a fruit. The two vow to protect each other, sharing the fruit. When everyone arrives at the Keyblade Graveyard , they are attacked by Terra-Xehanort, who knocks out Ventus and Lea the latter got hurt defending Kairi.

Terra-Xehanort tries to strike Kairi down, but Sora shields her. Donald blasts Terra-Xehanort away with Zettaflare, but collapses. Riku and Kairi then check on an unconscious Lea while Aqua checks on Ventus. A Demon Tide appears and drags everyone into the giant storm of heartless.

Kairi remains trapped in the darkness, hoping with all her might Sora did not fade; this allows him to be sent to The Final World. Kairi tells Sora that she believed he wouldn't fade away, and that saved him. Sora then tells Kairi he feels strong with her. Kairi holds Sora's hand and proceeds to take him back to the Keyblade Graveyard to redo their previous fight. Yen Sid appears to light a path for the guardians, who head to face the Organization. Xehanort arrives with his Organization and creates a labyrinth to separate everyone to battle separately.

After a while, Sora appears to help. As he moves to finish them off Lea stands in the way. The tide swiftly changed when Xion regains her memories and switches sides and Roxas revives as his own person. After the defeat of Xehanort, Sora leaves using the Power of Waking in order to find Kairi and bring her home.

After Sora's departure, all of Sora's friends have a fun day on Destiny Islands. They then proceed to look at the paopu fruit tree and notice Kairi and Sora sitting together holding hands. As the two are sharing a moment, Kairi and Sora look at each other.

Kairi soon smiles and sheds a tear. Right after that, Sora fades away and Kairi looks down in sadness. Typically Kairi has dark red hair, violet-blue eyes, a pale complexion, and a necklace with a silver bead that is only absent when she wears her school uniform.

As a child, as seen during Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and scenes from Kingdom Hearts , her hair is a little longer than it is when she's fourteen; she wears a white apron-like shirt with blue flowers and a blue line across the chest, a pink skirt with a white line on it and large, white shoes with pink and purple lines on them. At age fourteen during Kingdom Hearts , she wears a white top with a black one underneath the black one shows at her collarbone and at the hem which slightly exposes her navel, purple bike shorts underneath a purple skirt with a blue belt, and white slip-on shoes with purple caps.

She also features a black choker, a yellow wristband as well as a purple arm band on her left arm and a pair of bracelets on her right arm. She dons two outfits in Kingdom Hearts II : her school uniform which has a white shirt of which she has rolled up the sleeves, a sky blue striped tie which she has slightly loosen up, a matching skirt with navy knee-high stockings and black shoes; and then her main outfit which mainly contains a pink strapless mini-dress made up of three zippers two appear to be just decorative as well as a white halter top underneath her mini-dress with a black hood.

She also sports three bracelets on her left wrist, a black belt reminiscent of suspenders with a note book shaped bag attachment, and lilac sneakers. The outfit is a unique hooded pink-and-black dress, with two small black cat ears.

There are black ruffles on one side of her skirt and plaid on the other. She wears thick belted black boots. She wears thin white bracelets on her left wrist and a thick wristband on her right wrist.

Kairi is generally caring, kindhearted, and not afraid to speak her mind. She's usually always very cheerful and upbeat. She is loyal and headstrong, and she can be rather stubborn sometimes. She is determined and courageous when someone she cares about is in danger, often risking her own safety to help them.

Her bravery can be somewhat reckless. Examples of her bravery are when she embraced Sora as a Heartless even though it could be dangerous, when she offered to journey with Sora despite not having a Keyblade, when she jumped into a Corridor of Darkness despite not knowing where it could lead, causing Axel to comment she has guts, and so on.

She dislikes feeling useless, such as when she asked Sora "I can't help? In contrast to Sora and Riku, who were both bothered by not knowing about Kairi's hometown, she took it in stride and was able to look at the positives about living in the Destiny Islands. Despite this, she still has a strong sense of adventure, helping out with the raft. She also ran into a Corridor of Darkness, despite that she may never return, although she knew that other worlds existed and knew the portal may lead her to Sora and Riku, with Sora having a Gummi Ship.

But she won't hesitate to give them away in gratitude, like giving them to Aqua as thanks for saving her from the Unversed. Also, her Keyblade, Destiny's Embrace, has a floral design. In Kingdom Hearts , she is seen with a rather playful, spunky side. For example, if Sora wins the race, she calls him "Captain Sora. She is not as brash and bold as she was in the first game, but is still sociable, as she quickly befriends Hayner, Pence, and Olette in Twilight Town before being kidnapped by Axel.

Kairi appears to retain fear of anyone who has wronged her in the past, such as her former kidnapper, Axel; when she heard Lea would be training with her to master a Keyblade, she became quite frightened at the prospect. However, she soon overcame this thanks to Mickey and Riku telling her that Lea had helped save Sora. While sharing a deep friendship with Sora and Riku, Kairi seems to be particularly important to Sora, and vice versa. Kairi's feelings for Sora have been hinted at several times.

She jokes about her and Sora taking the raft, just the two of them. She embraces Sora's Heartless as the other Shadows jump on them. She gives him her Wayfinder in hopes it will bring him back to her. The face sketch on said Wayfinder resembles Sora. She sheds a tear when she sees that Sora added a paopu fruit to their drawings of each other they did as kids, and even adds another. Kairi was the only person on the Islands to have any recollection of Sora, and felt guilty that she couldn't remember his voice, face, or even his name.

When Kairi tells the Twilight Trio about how she was looking for Sora, Olette says that it was "a romantic story". When Sora tells her that he has to leave again, she just smiles and, once again, gives him her Wayfinder. While training with Lea, she states while writing a letter to Sora that she likes to talk with him even if its on paper.

Her feelings for Sora were confirmed the day before their final battle. While Sora and Kairi are sitting on the paopu fruit tree, she hands him a paopu fruit. She states that she wants to be a part of Sora's life no matter what. After both of them promise to keep each other safe, they share a paopu fruit together. When Sora finds her, they happily join hands. Kairi states that she believed that he wouldn't give up. When Sora states he feels strong with her, she looks away and holds his hand to proceed with their final battle.

When everyone is on Destiny Islands having fun, Kairi is away from the group and sits on the Paopu fruit tree with Sora holding his hand. Kairi smiles while looking at him, and sheds a tear when Sora fades away and continues to stay there after he is gone. Kairi is not fond of mushrooms, wondering why she and her friends should even take them on the raft.

Kairi is able to wield a Keyblade due to her having touched Aqua's Keyblade many years prior to the events of Kingdom Hearts. Kairi cannot do much when she is in danger—she has to depend on Sora or Riku to come to her aid, and as such, she is fairly easily captured. This is seen when Axel merely grabbed Kairi by the wrist and effortlessly dragged her along with him.

She is shown to be fairly competent with it, and was shown to take out two Heartless on her own in one cutscene; in the manga, she was able to destroy a group of them with a single swing of her Keyblade. Her potential is recognized by Yen Sid, who has Riku bring her to him to begin training with the Keyblade to become stronger.

She wields her Keyblade from a stance similar to Sora's, and is capable of performing a corkscrew-spinning ground-to-air combo effective for stunning foes.

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Kingdom hearts kirie naked

Kingdom hearts kirie naked

Kingdom hearts kirie naked