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Vintage bush radios

Replica of TR The modified set would then be a DAC Thanks to Past Times Radio for the internal photos. I have not seen this arrangement used elsewhere, but it seems to be very successful in this set. Nice cabinet too!

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To replace these capacitors is no easy job because SMD type electrolytic capacitors are difficult to handle by standard tools and particularly so when the working space is limited. Condition is New. EU-- not really happy about packing this up for overseas. Model RE Again in excellent Vintage bush radios order complete with a new set of valves. Success Stories. The unit only seems to work using mains and not with the battery. Full details of these problems, as well as Vintage bush radios repairs and modifications needed to get one of these sets working again are described in the Recent Repairs section. It is available in white with a moulded speaker grill and also in black with gold speaker fabric. The radio is styled like a large floor cabinet that has vacuum tubes hidden inside the cabinet. Weight: 2. The main problem with these sets is that the heat from the dial lamp a 15W mains pigmy bulb is sufficient to distort and sometimes melt the plastic tuning scale and surround. Inside there is still the original supplied jack plug for use with the input sockets on the top panel. One Vintage bush radios those pictures you see here is the presenter Robert Worby clutching the volks on a windy day last December.

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Bush was one of the major British manufacturers, and produced a wide range of sets. From my experience the majority of their sets from the mids onwards were well designed - but there are a couple of notable exceptions! A recent message in the forum requested information about reproducing the Bush logo.

Peter Hughes kindly scanned a page from a book showing the dimensions etc. Please click here to see it. Despite the use of series-heater valves, the AC11 is an AC only set.

The heaters are connected in series and operated from a suitable tapping on the secondary of the mains transformer. The reason for this arrangement, according to the Trader service sheet, was that it allowed the set to be modified for use on DC mains by replacing the transformer with a suitable dropper resistor. The modified set would then be a DAC Since DC mains was not common in , I would be surprised if very many sets were actually modified in this way I certainly have not come across one.

The set does give good sound quality certainly better than the DAC10 and DAC90 , and the cabinets generally seem to survive the years better than some. The chassis in this set appeared in many other Bush sets in the 50s.

For example the AC The only notable difference being the dial layout and the extra control at the front. Typical Bush with good build quality and performance. Short wave is reasonable for a short superhet. Nice cabinet too! This set is similar in appearance to the AC41 below, the main difference being the recessed area of lighter coloured wood around the controls. Internally it is one of the sets mentioned by Chas above, which use a series-heater valves with a transformer.

This photo was taken from the Past Times Radio website. A fairly standard 3 band superhet until it is used with a gramophone pickup. When this is selected 'Gram' on the wavechange switch , the triode section of V1 the local oscillator when used in 'radio mode' is configured as a preamplifier for the pickup.

The amplified output from the anode is switched to the top of the volume control for passing to the AF output pentode. Also unusual is the use of a double-diode pentode, incorporating the detectors with the IF amplifier. AGC is generated by its own diode section in V2.

Oddly, although a full-wave rectifier valve is used to provide the HT it is configured in a half-wave manner. Consequently it runs cooler and doesn't suffer from the DAC90 problem of heat damage to the back.

Many AC91s have a moulded speaker grill, like the one in the photo on the right. Presumably the DAC90 was cheaper to make and therefore cheaper to sell? Or maybe customers did not like the moulded grill? The set has been restored by Tim Pullin and works well. It is a fine example of this genre. Tim Pullin describes the repair of one of these sets in the Recent Repairs section. This set has become something of a classic! It features three presets 2 for MW and 1 for LW as well as manual tuning.

The rear panel is Bakelite and has a similar grill to that on the front. There is a carrying handle behind the tuning scale, but this seems to be too far back for good balance.

When lifted this way the set tends to tip away from the hand, and could easily be dropped - which could explain why so many examples seem to have cracked or broken cases. A notable feature internally is the speaker, which is very slim due to the magnet being positioned inside the cone rather than behind it. A normal speaker would not fit in the cabinet, so replacement could be a problem. Having said that, spares from scrap sets do seem to be available sometimes I have one if anyone is desperate.

I have repaired a few of these sets, and the sound quality seems to vary greatly between identical sets. This is due solely to the quality of the speakers used; some are quite good while others are rather shrill. Despite their popularity, I am not particularly keen on the DAC10, and would not buy one unless I was able to sell it on once it was restored.

They may be distinctive in appearance, but the performance is mediocre, and I feel the set is overrated. This low cost by Bush's standards set gives surprisingly good sound quality. The set also has a wooden speaker baffle board, which would help too. The main problem with these sets is that the heat from the dial lamp a 15W mains pigmy bulb is sufficient to distort and sometimes melt the plastic tuning scale and surround.

There is a R wirewound resistor in series with the lamp, and this will often be found to be open circuit or linked out with wire. This set is very similar in appearance to the DAC90A below.

The way to tell them apart is to look at the position of the knob on the right side of the cabinet. The DAC90 is an earlier version, and uses international octal valves. The dropper resistor is contained in an asbestos lined shield, and suitable care must be taken if it needs to be disturbed.

A common problem with these sets is that the back is burnt and crumbling away in the top corner behind the dropper. Colin Carmichael provided the photograph of the ivory DAC90 and the following description:. Brilliant little Bakelite sets which give great performance and are equally well made and reliable.

This is the rare ivory version. This was the first version and the later version, the DAC90A below , was released in They were also made in brown or black Bakelite above. Like the DAC10 above, this set is also something of a classic.

The circuitry is very similar to that used in the DAC10, but without the preset tuning. The set uses a conventional speaker, which gives a notable improvement in quality over the DAC This seems to be about the going rate for these sets now - unless of course you are buying on eBay! It came complete with the proper Bush mains connector and lead. The cabinet polished up nicely with some Bake-o-bryte.

The tuning scale is in excellent condition, as is the back. Details of the repair of this set are available here. The only visible difference is the presence of a mains input connector on the rear panel.

The set I repaired had grey sides whereas the transistor versions are generally dark blue or brown. Of course, the batteries are no longer available, but mains operation is convenient and the sound quality is reasonable for a set using this series of valves. Thanks to Past Times Radio for the internal photos. It has a large speaker and sounds very good. I purchased it from a radio shop in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Consequently, it is not one of their better sets, although it is a creditable effort. New valves will often bring about an improvement even if the originals test OK on a valve tester. This applies to any set that uses this valve lineup. Some local stations which use lower quality transmitters and greater modulation will cause some distortion even when the set is properly aligned.

Connecting a 10K resistor across the primary of each of the VHF IF transformers flattens the response a little, which will bring about some improvement here, at the expense of a bit of gain. Note that the IF in this set is 19MHz instead of the usual An interesting circuit feature is that the AM local oscillator triode is used as an additional audio preamplifier on VHF.

Thanks to Jon Evans for the photo. The repair of this set by Ranulph Poole is described in the Recent Repairs section. The cabinet is very similar to the AC34 shown above.

This was one of Bush's attempts at a "Continental" style receiver, with piano-key switches and chrome trim on the knobs. The set is infested with those dreadful Hunts Mouldseal capacitors, all of which will need replacing to get good stable operation on VHF. Even then the performance is a little disappointing - partly due to the small speaker used.

However I have recently obtained another example of this set, having sold the one in the photo some time ago. My previous set had an RS replacement output transformer, whereas may current one has an original transformer, so it will be interesting to hear whether this has any affect on the performance and sound quality I suspect it will.

Mine is exactly the same with the VHF volume much lower than that of the AM bands, with fair quality on all wavebands. I checked last night and it looks like the output transformer is the original. I haven't tried it myself yet, bit from his description it obviously needs a load of capacitors replacing.

The main problem externally with these sets is that the chrome trim on the knobs seems to come away. The knobs are made of a fairly soft plastic, and often become slightly distorted over the years. Since the volume control fits partly inside the tone knob with only a millimetre or so of clearance, the two will often stick at certain points.

I have a bit of a soft spot for these sets - since my grandparents owned one when I was a child. This set is electrically identical to the VHF61 above.

The only difference is that the cabinet is wood whereas the VHF61 cabinet is Bakelite. I obtained this set for a few pounds in an auction some time ago, and have not yet had a chance to repair and restore it.

I would like to thank Stephen Davies for supplying me with a set of suitable knobs, which he got from a scrap VHF

See similar items. No part of this website may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission from Paul Stenning. Best Selling. This low cost by Bush's standards set gives surprisingly good sound quality. Supplied with a long length of antenna wire to get you going this will need to go outside.

Vintage bush radios

Vintage bush radios

Vintage bush radios

Vintage bush radios. Navigation


Antique Radio TR82/97 Radio Bush Radio; London, build

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Vintage bush radios

Vintage bush radios

Vintage bush radios