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First we owe a huge thank you to Ana White for drawing up the plans for this awesome loft bed. Thanks to her we can build the bed for our kids. Ana had the brilliant idea to add the red window grids and I just love the pop of color. I love everything about this! What is the ceiling height in the bedroom?

My clubhouse loft twin bed

Jaime, I saw your surfer bed My clubhouse loft twin bed and clubhousee it never fails to amaze me. I am asking since the slat rail is 71 inches. Read Reviews 4. I did my own measurement… see full review. The House of Wood. At what twih did you start the steps for the ladder and what is the spacing for the two remaining steps? A video overview can be watched to see how the bed will be put together, but there are also detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures for cutting the parts, assembling the bed, and making the stairs. The color on the ladder bes has a hint of mint color, but the front does not. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. It does not bother me.

Skeleton poseable wire frame model. Assembling the Front Frame

I did my own measurement… see full review. THey call for 5" bolts, get 3. We've been eyeing this bed coubhouse PBK and my husband already said, "I could build that"! Illustrations and actual images are shown to help you along the way. Amanda jessica and mary cummings I want to build this next week for my son. Our round-up of lott best toddler beds can help you find what you're looking for. Patio Chairs. My Account. How awesome is this!!!!!!!!!! With a few changes to the plan, you may even be clubjouse to incorporate a pole on the other end of the stairs for another fire station touch. Screw Turquoise sheers the trim side to keep the screw heads hidden. The loft bed plan includes My clubhouse loft twin bed fancy - it's simply a twin bed raised high enough to make room for storage below it.

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  • First we owe a huge thank you to Ana White for drawing up the plans for this awesome loft bed.
  • Read Reviews 4.
  • This powder-coated steel loft bed fits a twin mattress and comes in black or white.

Skip to main content Playhouse Bed. In stock. This is a great bed. The bed is built really well, very sturdy and beautiful! Any girl would love this bed. We bought this for our 9 year old she sleeps on the top part and we made the bottom into a play house hideaway. I covered the front with a curtain rod and some curtains I made! Add to cart. Great bed but it did not come with the handle. I'm trying to have it sent to me still and giving it a 4 star instead of 5 because it was not included.

That is really my only complaint as it should have been sent with the bed. Otherwise it is a beautiful, well made bed, and well worth the money. It's very sturdy and how a bed should be. No particle board. My daughter absolutely loves it!

I would highly recommend this product" - by Marie Zbinden. Product is incredible for the price. It was relatively simple to assemble and the quality is excellent! I would highly recommend this product. M child loves it and it doubles as a play fort and bed! See All Buying Options. Available to ship in days. Cute bed! The bed seems very sturdy overall, I'm a bit worried about how the ladder will hold up though. The storage bins are huge and hold lots of toys, I'm def.

My kids love them! I bought two of them, they arrived in 3 boxes each. My boys love that they basically have a tent in their room at all times. My only complaint is one of the boards to put under the mattress was warped. But I just used that one on the bottom bunk. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. I liked it but I would preferred the base of the net open so it could be tucked under the mattress. Because it meant sleeping on the net, put a sheet over that and it worked.

A little disappointed with purchase. It states that holes are premade and easy to drill in. Some holes were, but we had to do a lot of them ourselves which made it harder to put together. Usually ships within 3 to 5 days. So easy to construct. I plan to put a twin mattress on floor in a few years, but for now left it open for a cozy fort. The color on the ladder sections has a hint of mint color, but the front does not. It does not bother me. Solid construction. Shopped around and Amazon had the best price.

Delivery worked out, but it was delivered on a pallet and we had to take off the pallet ourselves to bring into the house. Great bed, my daughter was amazed. I was able to put this together while 6 months pregnant.

It's best to open everything while keeping each bag of hardware,along with its instruction sheet, next to the parts they belong with. At first i didn't like that there wasn't a single master instruction sheet, but if you stay organized, keeping each instruction sheet for each part together with its bag of hardware, it's fine. Make sure the leg extensions that elevate the loft are twisted to the bed posts very tightly..

At first I didn't want to force them for fear of cracking the composite wood,but bed was shaky,so my husband had to tilt the whole finished product while I made the extensions screw into the Cover Only! Currently unavailable. Western Washington. Awesome awesome awesome! Exactly what it says it is. It puts any children's nap mat to shame guaranteed.

I attached some pics. I also attached a screenshot of where I found the best deal on pillows. The pillow bed cover takes 5 pillows. I chose to buy mine from Wal-Mart. Perfect for camping, traveling, or just lounging around. U can fold it under to make a chair. Super comfortable. I hope this helps guys!! Words cannot describe how cute this adorable teepee bed is! When my youngest child was ready to switch from his crib to a twin size bed I was worried about him staying in a big boy bed.

But I think his unique teepee bed helped in the transition. Every night at bed time he asks if its time to go camping?! Its simply adorable! And a must have in any kiddo bedroom! Only 5 left in stock - order soon. My 5yr old loves his "clubhouse" but the tape provided doesn't hold. I had to nail the Velcro to the bed to keep it in place. Guidecraft Market Loft. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Paul, MN. I've been checking out this loft on different sites Since I have been checking it out I know that this picture shows the extension, but the picture is very misleading for others that don't know this and think they will be getting the full loft as shown in the picture.

I have the option to unload it myself, but with 10 day care kids that isn't even a possibility. They should post that in the description because as far as I am concerned thats not free shipping. First time in all my years that I am getting a headache from an order from Amazon. Jean I havent received the order yet so I am posting a 3 star and will re-evaluate the star option if I end up not In Stock.

I bought this to use on regular bunk beds. It's not a perfect fit which I knew it wouldn't be but it's still great and my daughter loves it.

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Welcome to Totally Kids! Great job, looks great and I will not show my son this, or he will want me to build him this one!! Full over Full Bunk Beds with Stairs. I especially loved its height, as it left room underneath to play but it wasn't tall like a bunk bed which scares me a bit. We took inspiration for this clubhouse bed from the Pottery Barn Eli Fort bed. One end should be cut at 50 degrees and the opposite end cut to 40 degrees. Loft Beds Twin Loft Beds.

My clubhouse loft twin bed

My clubhouse loft twin bed

My clubhouse loft twin bed. Assembling the Front Frame

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This powder-coated steel loft bed fits a twin mattress and comes in black or white. It has a ladder on both the top and the bottom of the bed and can accommodate a mattress up to 9 inches thick. The entire bed measures 42 x 79 x 71 inches and requires some assembly upon arrival. It can fit a desk or a small reading nook underneath and comes with an optional built-in desk. Want to check out some regular beds, too? Here are our favorite beds available online.

It comes in white, silver, black, blue, or pink, and measures Upper guardrails provide added safety, and the bed offers 58 inches of space below for an office or reading area. Some reviewers do note that the metal ladder can be painful on some sensitive feet, but adding DIY padding is an easy fix. This twin loft is the perfect mix of fun and function and features an adorable clubhouse look for endless adventures.

Made from gray pine wood, this loft bed measures 82 by 42 by 84 inches and weighs about 80 pounds. Unlike some of the other options on our list, this loft bed is shorter and closer to the ground.

There are two ladders, one on each end of the bed, and an open window for peeking out. The bed does require assembly, but owners say it can be done in under an hour.

Still can't decide on what you want? Our round-up of the best toddler beds can help you find what you're looking for. If your teenager has graduated from a bunk bed but needs a little extra space in his or her room, a loft bed is a great choice, provided you have the ceiling space.

The Pottery Barn Teen Sleep and Study Loft is a higher-end full sized loft bed that comes with everything you need to create a perfect bedroom for your teenager. The bed measures 71 x Made from kiln-dried wood, this bed also features a inch tall corkboard ideal for notes, homework, and pictures. The bed also has a single ladder that fastens securely to the top of the bed.

It comes in weathered white, espresso, and pure white, and requires assembly.

Clubhouse Bed | Ana White

Last winter, stuck inside for months and months while we waited for the sun to return to Alaska, Grace and I were really missing her original playhouse bed. Now that I blog, our spare bedroom has turned into my office slash room of shame and the only place we have for guests to sleep is Grace's bed. A couple of years ago we decided NOT to force our guests to sleep up in Grace's playhouse bed and replaced it with the Hailey storage bed.

When my dear friend Jaime from That's My Letter wrote me saying it was her Buddy Boy's turn to get a new bed and, I knew Jaime would get the bed done and posted and shared. We worked on refining the plans, and you will thank Jaime when you build this bed for her brilliant suggestion to sister up 2x4 legs for added strength. This also allows for the bed to be assembled in easy pieces.

Jaime added a fort area underneath. She sewed those cute curtains! You can check out the details here. And she made this surfboard sign too! Check out her tutorial here. And she added window grids that hinge open! You can get the instructions on making these window grids here. NOTE: Jaime recommends the following changes to the shopping list because her 1x6 board ran a little wide on the front and she wanted gaps between the wood slats.

Jaime found that she needed to substitute two of the 1x6 boards on front and back for 1x5 boards to create gaps between the wood slats. Please read through the entire plan and all comments before beginning this project. It is also advisable to review the Getting Started Section. Take all necessary precautions to build safely and smartly. Work on a clean level surface, free of imperfections or debris.

Always use straight boards. Check for square after each step. Always predrill holes before attaching with screws. Use glue with finish nails for a stronger hold. Wipe excess glue off bare wood for stained projects, as dried glue will not take stain. Be safe, have fun, and ask for help if you need it. Good luck! Use scrap 1x3 to help with spacing. Fill upper holes with either PH plugs or wood filler. NOTES FROM JAIME: screw on front trim from inside then screw added interior window trim from inside from strength my kids will definitely lean on this sill and without any side support in the slats I needed to add the extra longer interior trim piece.

Now move the pieces into the room. For the large walls, try going in upside down, and getting one leg through at a time. For the window grid tutorial and lots other tips and construction photos please read Jaime's build post here. We apologize if there was an error in this plan. Please help us out and report any errors here.

Jaime Costiglio not verified. A huge thank you to Ana for drawing up these plans. Your kids will thank you later of course! If we have a heavy sleeper on a school day, or perhaps even sick kid, a parent might have to fit through that door, and 16" isn't very wide at least its narrow for me.

I may need adjust the width and placement of the door to keep it safe, yet accessible for an adult. Maybe even a half door or gate for the little guy? Hi Mark we do bunk openings for safety regulations but that's the great thing about DIY!

You can build to suit your needs! Brook BeingBrook not verified. Awesome plans Ana! What a super cool bed! Jaime you did an amazing job. Love the chevron curtains and all the special little touches like the windows!

Awesome build and plans. You guys are a great team. This is adorable! What lucky blessed you all have! What was the overall cost of this project? What a fantastic plan, fantastic build!!! Add hardware, poly, sandpaper, etc. Good luck, you're son will love it! I just started working on this project. My boys love the idea and want one for each of them so if it goes well I will probably be building 2. I have found one error in the shopping list however. To give you 7 slats on the side and meet the measurements given you will need 5 - 1x3 8 feet long.

Hope this helps any others who start til build this project as well. I hope to post pictures as I complete the project. Thanks for your great plans. In reply to Shopping list error by Anthony Nelson not verified. Thanks Anthony for noting the shopping list error. It's so helpful to have others do the build and make it work better for everyone. You are correct in that you will need a total of 5 - 1x3x8 boards. Good luck with the build and please submit any other notes you come across.

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Fun The Actual Marriage Proposals. Vinegar and Steel Wool with Tea Project. Adirondack Chair Home Depot Plans. Faux fireplace. Black Farm House Bed. Pottery Barn knock off. Tractor Seat stool. Home Plan Catalog Clubhouse Bed. Build a clubhouse bed! Free plans from ana-white.

Do NOT be like me. All has been good, and it's great having somewhere for guests to stay. I drew the plans up. And they sat on my computer for months. And months. One week later, the clubhouse bed is done. Be like Jaime. DIY this bed today. And of course the plans follow! Thank you Jaime! Preparation Shopping List. Common Materials. Elmer's Wood Filler.

My clubhouse loft twin bed

My clubhouse loft twin bed