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My first was a chemical pregnancy and I didn't have any symptoms. Lower back pain. I've had it with all three pregnancies and usually get it a week before my missed period. One of "our" first symptoms in pregnancy every time--and this is our 7th pregnancy is felt during intercourse. Whatever happens to my cervix is a welcome change for both me and hubby.

Earliest pregnancy message boards

Earliest pregnancy message boards

Earliest pregnancy message boards

Pregnancy Frequent Urination During Pregnancy. Allison C. Nathan Thompson. Maybe it in my head but I've been feeling pregnanc of sorts past week or so, dizziness where I even fell down stairs. Emetrol helped the nausea a bit, as did nibbling throughout the day.

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I knew a handful of women who had struggled to conceive and others who had endured heartbreaking miscarriages. Then there were the actual symptoms associated with the first trimester of pregnancy, like nausea and extreme exhaustion. I took a pregnancy test on an unseasonably warm Tuesday morning in February after waiting seven long days for my period to arrive.

No breast tenderness, no nausea, and I had enough energy to run a half-marathon. That night I was happy. Maybe this whole pregnancy thing would be a breeze! The next day something shifted. I started spending hours on the internet every day, combing through message boards with glazed-over eyes, reading every comforting and horrifying story I could find.

My thoughts were circular and obsessive, and focusing on work was next to impossible. By the time my first prenatal visit rolled around at nine weeks, I had completely lost my appetite, and not because of morning sickness. I was just that anxious. Despite what I thought my lack of physical symptoms could mean, my pregnancy was viable. As I closed out my first trimester and moved into my second, the fetus growing inside me was tested for every possible abnormality, and everything came back negative.

But for many women, like me, pregnancy is the first time they experience anything approaching such a high level of anxiety. Women may begin to have health-related fears, preoccupation with physical symptoms of pregnancy with or without significance, and feelings of incompetence. They may not be reassured by physicians or loved ones' attempts to comfort.

Pregnancy is a trifecta of anxiety triggers: On top of the major life transition and lack of control, one of the biggest factors to blame for antenatal anxiety is hormones. So while I may not have been taking naps in the middle of the day or struggling with morning sickness as some women do, my rising hormone levels were presenting themselves in the form of anxiety.

In the first trimester, when the hormones are shooting up as the pregnancy is growing rapidly, women can be incredibly anxious. So even before trying to conceive, find a mental health professional you trust. Consider cognitive behavioral therapy, and work on busting day-to-day stress through lifestyle shifts like regular exercise, high-quality sleep, adequate nutrition, acupuncture, journaling, meditation, and mindfulness. Lifestyle tweaks and talk therapy can help, and in some cases there are medications we use to help calm those anxiety-like symptoms and panic attacks, but risks and benefits need to be weighed.

This should always be done under the supervision of a doctor. My advice to anyone struggling with antenatal anxiety? Follow her leighweingus. Topics pregnancy pregnancy questions mental health anxiety. By Khushbu Shah. By Rachel Wells.

By Minhae Shim Roth.

What is the earliest a home pregnancy test can be used.. Infant's Growth Calculator. I realized I didn't answer your question A pregnancy is not the only thing that can cause these symptoms. Re: earliest possible signs thanks everybody There is no such thing as an approved male birth control pill in the U. LinkBack URL.

Earliest pregnancy message boards

Earliest pregnancy message boards

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Latest Health News. Pregnancy Create a Post. When was the earliest everyone got their bfp? Hey guys. I'm 10dpo. I tested last night and got the faintest line I'm curious when the earliest Day was that everyone got their BFP. I think it might be fun to see how different everyone's bodies reacted to their hgc levels. Trying to Conceive. Reply Cancel. RE: When was the earliest everyone got their bfp?

Mine was 12dpo. It was dark and bold!! Reply Hide Replies Cancel. I got a bfn 9 dpo on a frer and then a not too dark but not faint positive 11 dpo. Lol, if you're pregnant, idc what test you use, that line is gonna pop up!!! If it's faint, you're pregnant! It's very rare that you get a false positive test. But you can get a false negative and still be prego!!!

I had two tests both blue dye say positive though. All the pink tests show nothing. So annoying. Got mine 3 days before my period.. Remember Me? All times are GMT The time now is AM. Join Our Mommy Newsletter. Do you live in Canada? Sign up here. Follow JustMommies.

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Our newly refreshed styles in , brings the old vb3 to the new level, responsive and modern feel. It comes with 3 colors with or without sidebar, fixed sized or fluid. Default vbulletin 3 style made responsive also available in the pack. Purchase Our Style Pack Now. Remember Me? Straight Dope Message Board. FAQ Calendar. Deadly Nightlight. What were your early pregnancy symptoms? On another board that I visit they have a thread going about early pregnancy symptoms, And I wanted to get the doper perspective.

I see alot of women complain about sore breasts, and nausea. However, there was just such a wide spectrum of symptoms that made me wonder if they were all tied to pregnancy. I mean I have half the symptoms right now So dopers, what was your pregnancy experience like? Did you throw up every morning? Cheesecake and dill pickles for lunch? I had morning, noon and night sickness.

I couldn't drink water without throwing up. I did this with both of my pregnancies. Very, very sick. I couldn't take any prenatal vitamins This lasted all through my pregnancy until the very last few months.

Then I had tons of energy and felt great. I think everybody reacts differently on some level. Every person should try. I've got two words for you: Knockers Nuclear. They never went away completely, much to Mr. Kalhoun's delight. I looked freakish. I only felt nausiated when I went too long without a meal. I'm not sure why, but if I got too hungry, I puked bile.

With my first pregnancy, hubby and I were actively using birth control, so it took me a while to figure out what was going on my cycle was somewhat irregular in those days, and I wasn't too good about tracking it, either. I had some low-grade nausea, and thought I had a little touch of flu that I couldn't shake.

I also had a water bed there's a reason for me telling you this , so I didn't notice the breast tenderness until I spent the night at a friend's house and slept on a firm mattress. When I woke up that morning, with my breasts in pretty serious pain, I put two and two together, and said "Ohmygodimpregnant! With my second pregnancy, which was very much intentional, I knew what symptoms to look for, and noticed them early on.

The low-grade nausea, breast tenderness, etc. BTW, I only actually threw up once in each of my first two pregnancies: the first was a result of really indiscreet eating three pieces of fried dough and two large glasses of orange juice, yikes! We were consciously trying to have another baby, so I did a home test as soon as my period was a week late, and it came out positive. But I had no nausea, no tenderness, essentially no symptoms except no period. Then a friend showed me a magazine article that said morning sickness is a sign of a healthy placenta Well, the doctor didn't want to see me til I was 14 weeks gestational, so I spent the next two months worried that my placenta was unhealthy!

When the doctor finally saw me, he said he couldn't listen to the hearbeat with a stethoscope because of all the scar tissue from previous C-sections, but he sent me for a sonogram. I was so relieved when the sonogram showed a huge for its gestational age , healthy fetus with a steady heartbeat!

About 25 weeks later, an 11 pound 14 oz. I never got morning sickness until about 6 weeks. The first symptoms were sore breasts, needing to pee a lot, and fatigue. When I was first pregnant with my daughter I remember coming home from teaching one afternoon and just having to collapse on the couch.

I told my husband that either I was coming down with the flu or I was pregnant. I didn't have any symptoms before I got a positive test at 14 days past ovulation. In fact, I thought for sure I wasn't pregnant because I didn't have any symptoms, and the previous month I thought I was pregnant because of PMS symptoms that were stronger than usual.

Early signs of pregnancy and PMS are very similar. Around 5 weeks the sore breasts started and around weeks the bloatedness and nausea started, along with fatigue. Those were the earliest signs. My husband knew I was pregnant as soon as I started thinking the cat was cute instead of annoying. I guess it's a hormonal thing. Luckily, this time my boobs didn't start to get sore until a couple of weeks ago--I'm eight weeks now--but they were sore the whole time the first pregnancy I lost that one at four months.

They're rather swollen and heavy now. I don't get cravings for anything weird, but I do get a hankering for very specific foods; luckily for my husband, they've always been things that he likes too, so he doesn't mind indulging me.

The first time I thought I had mono. My periods have always been irregular so not getting one for a few months was not unusual. I was tired and had low grate nausea and just felt like crap. I also had swollen and tender breasts. I was very surprised to be pregnant since we had gone through a lot to get pregnant and failed.

The second time I said "gee this feels familiar I wonder if I am pregnant. The nausea lasted pretty much all the way through both and I had horrible heartburn.

I also spent some time on bedrest and can attest that Preeclampsia sucks. I also got sciatica and early like right at the month 3 threshold early because of how my uterus sat they told me Find all posts by tanookie. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant, and have had no morning sickness, no fatigue, and no strange cravings. The only way I know I'm pregnant is that I've had an ultrasound done that proved it!

My breasts were actually sore in the first few weeks. That's about it I feel great otherwise. In the first couple weeks my only symptoms were very very tender breasts but by the third week the fatigue had set in. I'm talking passing out on the couch at after work and barely being able to drag myself back up the next morning. By then I knew something was up and was pretty sure what it was. I didn't start puking until the fifth week but then I did it all day, every day, until the day I gave birth.

With my second it was pretty much the same except that the puking went away after the first trimester like it is supposed to. Thank the gods for that. I didn't have a minute's morning sickness during my pregnancies; my first symptom, even before my period was due, was an insatiable hunger.

I would pig out for breakfast, lunch and tea, and snack continuously during the day, and THEN wake up in the middle of the night and raid the fridge again. It got to the point in my later preganancies when that first 'hunger pang', not a missed period, would see me at the Chemist buying a Testing Kit.

I would also get the heavy sore boobs but they generally followed the Hungries by about a week. About a week after conception, we went out of town to celebrate our anniversary.

And I HAD to have a pizza. Sure, I like pizza, but this was an emergency. Someone was gonna get hurt if I didn't have some pizza. Another early symptom was feeling "weird. Third symptom was a craving for Doritos, which I normally don't like. Another craving I had early on was hamburgers.

The night we got the blood test I ate an entire triple cheeseburger at Wendy's. I didn't have morning sickness exactly. I would feel fine Then I would be nauseated for at least an hour, usually two. Add this to being on a diabetic diet where I was supposed to be eating every two to three hours, and I was just miserable. The nausea eventually went away, but I also had terrible fatigue which never went away.

Earliest pregnancy message boards

Earliest pregnancy message boards