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Tantra Yoga is a relatively modern revamping of the ancient Vedic and yogic spiritual practices. The Tantrics developed innovative yet unorthodox techniques for allowing one to experience the reality of the true Self—the oneness of the entire cosmos. Previously, yoga techniques were focused on the renunciation of the physical body and a conscious effort to detach from the suffering encountered in the body. Understanding the techniques and goals of tantra yoga is important as hatha yoga originated from this system of yoga, and tantra provides a context for the individual practices and techniques of modern yoga. What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantric yogi

Tantric yogi

Tantric yogi

Tantric yogi

Tantric yogi

They are not tantrics in any way. It is about learning to use the Tantircnot as oneself, but as a stepping-stone to Tantric yogi this being to the highest possible dimension. Serindia Publications. Tantra yoga uses the same three vehicles to rise up. Epigraphic references to the Kaulas Tantric practices are rare. Through Tantra yoga, one is said to be Tantric yogi to ultimately reach a state of eternal yobi. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Ordination and transmission Pointing-out instruction Samaya Vajracharya. Had he asked me prior to my SM I would have slapped him right there as I used to get triggered very quick.

Mobile dental imaging and implants. Tantra Yoga: Blowing from the top

Tantra in Practice. Tanteic each other sitting on a comfortable floor. Ordination and transmission. Each mantra is associated with a specific Nyasa. Kristie Overstreet, Ph. Learn Religions uses cookies Private pilot tucson provide you with a great user experience. Grammatical Literature. Tantric yogi to Meditate. The feeling becomes increasingly powerful and you bring your breath into harmony. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion. Business of Yoga. Teachings of Swami Tantric yogi Volume 1.

The truth is, Westerners have done a pretty good job of offending something very spiritual and sacred by making it obscene.

  • You may be able to naturally improve your sexual health through the practice of tantric yoga and sex.
  • Tantric techniques :.
  • Tantra yoga is a practice that can be used to expand the connection and awareness between a couple, creating a deeper bond spiritually with each other.

Question: What is tantra exactly? It is said that in the tantric tradition, when the relationship between the guru and shishya becomes intimate and sacred, there could be a closeness that could even be sexual. The shishya-guru attraction — as evident in the Krishna-gopi tradition of amorousness — might manifest as sexual union. So what is tantra really and how does it relate to our sexuality? Sadhguru: Unfortunately, in western countries, tantra is being presented in such a way that it is supposed to mean uninhibited sex.

It has been so badly misinterpreted. This is because books on tantra have been written by people who just want to sell books. They are not tantrics in any way. This is an inner technology. These are subjective methods not objective methods.

But in the current understanding in society, the word "tantra" refers to very unorthodox or socially unacceptable methods. It is just that certain aspects are used in a certain way. It is not any different from yoga. It is a limb of yoga called tantra yoga. The human mechanism is a composite of the physical body — an accumulation of food consumed; the mental body — the software and memory part that makes individuals function in specific ways; and the energy body — the fundamental upon which these two are housed.

What is beyond this is non-physical. The compulsive and cyclical nature of the body and mind render themselves a barrier for higher possibilities. Tantra is to go beyond, so that compulsiveness of the body and mind does not keep us trapped in our limitations.

It is about learning to use the body , not as oneself, but as a stepping-stone to deliver this being to the highest possible dimension. Tantra is not about unbridled sexuality , as assumed by many.

Sexuality is a fundamental instinct instilled in our bodies to ensure the species perpetuates itself. This is a basic requirement. At the same time, one must know the limitations beyond which it will not carry us. It is only on recognising the limitations and the longing to touch other dimensions enters, that yoga and tantra become relevant. In tantra, it is not that someone is using just sexuality to grow.

They are using every aspect to grow. Unfortunately, there may be people who are attracted to such a path for the wrong reasons.

They go because they want a spiritual sanction for their sexuality. Why do you want to bullshit yourself about spirituality? Handle your biology as biology, you do not have to give it other names. Sexual needs can be fulfilled by forming relationships for that purpose, either within or outside the fold. Using spiritual process to fulfill sexual compulsions is reprehensible and irresponsible. The ways in which a man usually sinks in his life are through food, alcoholic drink and sexuality.

Tantra yoga uses the same three vehicles to rise up. Of the different energy manifestations in the body — referred to as the chakras — spilling from the top three is considered the highest. If you have to build up to this, every basic instinct, including the sexual instinct, emotions, intellect and survival process must be used to build and hype the energy system. The intention is to deploy all instincts for which a certain amount of energy is dedicated in the body.

If one goes into an actual sexual act, the build-up and the purpose of it will be lost. But once people start using certain substances, they must be in a certain state, otherwise it just becomes addiction. When people walk this kind of path, if a people take it up, 99 will end up only as drunkards. However, this is what is known as left-hand tantra which is cruder technology.

It involves various rituals. There is also a right-hand path which is very refined technology. These two are completely different in nature. It does not involve any ritual or outside act as such. Is it tantra? In a way it is, but the word yoga includes all of them together. When we say yoga we are not excluding any possibility — everything is there in it. It is just that a few perverted people saw a certain type of process which is purely left-hand tantra where there is certain usage of the body.

They just took that part, magnified it and wrote books about it with all kinds of weird sex. That is not tantra. So tantra is not some weird nonsense. It is a certain capability. Without it there is no possibility. Tantra means you are able to use your energies to make things happen. If you can make your mind razor sharp to cut through everything , this is also one kind of tantra. If you make your energies work upon your heart to become utterly loving and you can burst forth with enormous love that just overwhelms everyone, this is also tantra.

If you make your physical body enormously powerful to make it do incredible feats, this is also tantra. Or if you can make your energies do things by itself without employing the body, mind or emotion, this is also tantra. That is the big difference.

Low technology or high technology is the question, but without tantra, there is no spiritual process. I am talking about upgrading your technology.

If you sit with your eyes closed, you can drip with orgasms in every cell of your body. The Guru-shishya relationship is to deliver the shishya to a higher dimension of consciousness, not trap one into the compulsive nature of sexuality.

Above all, this sacred relationship is definitely orgasmic, but not sexual. People always try to take recourse in the Krishna-Gopi relationship. As the legend goes, Krishna gave an orgasmic experience to 16, women simultaneously. This cannot happen with sexual union. A shishya can establish a very intimate relationship with a Guru. Intimacy is generally understood only as two bodies touching.

The body is not intimate enough for one who is on the spiritual path. The physical body is an accumulation from outside, so in the tantric and yogic systems, the body is never considered an intimate part of you. The Guru is here essentially to overwhelm you with nameless ecstasies. So tantra is a technology of liberation, not enslavement. Read the free sample [pdf] or purchase the ebook. Image courtesy: Euphoria by h. An absolute hit on the nail Sadhguru.

We missed out the Turmeric. Now lets save the rest of the Spiritual Resolvent and give our generation to come a genuine way to "THE PATH" - The writer is a noted columnist and current heads the people resource fuctions for a leading conglomorate across Asia -Pacific. This article is an eye-opener! I remember an incident that happened in May As we conversed he asked me the reason for my trip and I mentioned that I was returning from a spiritual trip.

He asked me was it a "tanrtic yoga". I didn't understand what it was. He said that it was sex-yoga and he thought so because I was young.

I had just completed my SM 2 weeks prior to this trip. Had he asked me prior to my SM I would have slapped him right there as I used to get triggered very quick. I was so surprised at myself for not being upset and politely responding to him that it was not what he thinks. He mentioned that CA was big on Tantric Yoga.

Thankyou Sadhguru, That is the best description of Tantra Ive ever read!! When I say I practice Tantra people think its crazy sex I kinda knew this already, having first found out about Tantra from my research in the Library of Congress, for my high school paper on comparative religions back in Apparently, it has taken me this long to remember to get back to my research on Tantra.

I mean, namaste. As an aside, where in the yogic spectrum does humor reside? I can't seem to not laugh at just about anything. Toggle navigation. International Centers Europe 18 locations. Definitely Orgasmic, But Not Sexual.

Satyananda Ashram, Australia. January Intermediate Yoga. Try this short Tantric practice from Sally Kempton to expand your sense of self. In order to save this article, you will need to Log In or Sign Up! The caves at Aurangabad: early Buddhist Tantric art in India. Yoda Press.

Tantric yogi

Tantric yogi. Yoga a Broken Heart

Tantric sex is a slow form of intimacy that may increase closeness and a mind-body connection that often causes strong orgasms. This combination of having a strong body, mind, and spirit connection, along with multiple, powerful sexual orgasms, will have loving couples stimulated by increasing the secretion of the pineal and pituitary glands.

Some claim that tantric sex has a rejuvenating effect, improving men and women's sexual health. Frequent orgasms, as one of the brain wave simulations, may alter body chemistry. Depression and stress may disappear. A woman's sexual health may be greatly improved. Orgasms may help alleviate depression and make you look and feel younger. Some believe it can also prolong your lifespan, strengthen the immune system, and improve overall health.

Can sexual exposure to semen fight depression and boost moods in both women and men? It may, according to a study conducted by Rebecca Burch, Ph. Burch also noted that risky and unprotected sex may lead to depression, while protected sex can provide mood enhancements, emotional bonds, and intimacy. Thus, men and women might derive great benefits by increasing sexual quantity and sexual quality in a safe, healthy, natural way through tantric sex.

Frequent orgasms may benefit a woman's sexual health. However, there is a vast difference between an ordinary orgasm and a tantric orgasm.

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Tantrism Mahasiddha Sahaja. Buddhahood Bodhisattva Kalachakra. Ganachakra Ullambana Puja. Tantric texts. Symbols and tools. Ordination and transmission. Pointing-out instruction Samaya Vajracharya. Elements of Tantrism. These are neither compulsory nor universal in Tantrism. Main article: Tantras. Main article: Tantric sex. Tantric union. Main article: Vajrayana. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

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Lotus position Roots of Yoga Shinshin-toitsu-do. Yogachara Zazen.

Tantra Yoga – Defined and Demystified • Yoga Basics

Join Now. The truth is, Tantra may enhance your sex life, but only by deepening your connection to your energy and your body first.

Although Tantric practices are founded on the principal of intimacy, intimacy is not purely physical. The purpose of Tantra Yoga, is to further emotional wellbeing, aiding spiritual and physical health.

The exploration of the subtle energies within the body and their connection to the universe provide the opportunity to understand the purpose of life and the principles of union in new dimensions. What distinguishes it from others is that it also weaves dynamics of other mystical practices as well such as: astrology, Ayurveda, crystal and gemology to name a few.

In utilizing these aspects, the Tantric practice aims to expand beyond perceived limitations of yogic philosophy and the asanas. The comprehensive approach of Tantra Yoga incorporates conscious breathing practices, pranayama, and meditation , and may be practiced individually or in partnership with another. In both practices, the relationship between the micro self and the macro others is enhanced.

Vinyasa, as a moving meditation through postures, or asanas, also may be practiced partnering, as a blending of energies or as a sole practitioner. The aim is the same: to gain awareness of our strengths and weaknesses, the places where we resist union with ourselves and others, and cultivate the ability to consciously respond rather than unconsciously react to both our fears and desires.

When that occurs, we reach a state of eternal bliss. Begin in a cross-legged seated position, Sukhasana, or peace pose. Gaze down; if knees are higher than hip creases, sit on a yoga block or rolled up yoga mat to elevate the spine.

For solo practice, place hands in Gyan Mudra also referred to as Jnana Mudra in some practices with the tip of the index finger touching the tip of the thumb, extending out the other three fingers with the palms facing up and resting on knees or thighs.

Gyan Mudra, a yogic shape for the hands, is considered the prime mudra with many health and grounding benefits. If practicing with a partner, sit back to back in peace pose, Sukhasana. Option to use Prithvi Mudra, tips of the ring fingers touching the tips of the thumbs, remaining three fingers outstretched but relaxed.

This mudra creates a circuitry igniting the heart meridian, or line of energy that extends from the ring fingers, extends up through the arms and confluences at heart center in both the front and backside of the chest. Take 5 full breaths, focusing on smoothing out the length of the inhale to match the same length on the exhale.

As an individual practice, you may like to practice facing a full-length mirror. In a partner practice, you could either practice facing one another or side by side. Take 5 deep breaths.

Extend arms overhead, Mountain Pose, then bow forward, keeping your heart open and gaze forward, and release your head into a forward fold, Uttanasana. Bring hands to shins or thighs and lengthen through your spine for a halfway lift, Ardha Uttanasana.

Repeat 3 times. Start in Table Pose, wrists aligned under shoulders, hands spread wide, and hips stacked over knees. For Partner Modified Plank pose, you can lightly touch the crown of the head with one another while in Table. Then extend your right shins behind you, toes curled under as you root right hand into the mat and open your chests towards one another.

For an individual practice, bring your left hand to rest over your heart as you stack your left shoulder over right so your heart is wide open. In Partner practice, connect left palms overhead. Enjoy 5 breaths. Return to Table and then switch sides. Come into a loose, cross-legged position typically the larger person in Sukhasana first. Your partner then sits on your thighs and crosses their ankles behind your back.

Touch your third eye centers space between the eyebrows as you both lengthen through your spines. Bring your knees wide to the edges of your mat, fold forward resting your forehead on the mat, arms extended overhead but resting on the mat.

If knees are sensitive, you can place the folded edges of a blanket behind your knees before folding forward or rest your seat and perhaps forehead on yoga blocks. If shoulders allow, bring your palms to touch in prayer, symbolic of union with all aspects of yourself.

Envision your inhale emerging from your left palm, breathing in the essence of your partner, and exhaling through your right palm, sharing your essence with your partner.

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Tantric yogi

Tantric yogi