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About two years ago to the day tomorrow actually I made order from you for a 6 curved PA device and subsequently received it a few months later. Recently since then I have been locked up quite a bit by my Mistress, and have it installed for an as of yet to be disclosed amount of time. Somewhere along the way in the past two years the two keys that you sent to us has turned into only one. Mistress says can't remember where she placed the extra key, and I both don't feel too comfortable with having just one, especially in light of the fact that one has already "disappeared". I like knowing that there's a spare in case of an emergency.

Ms lori chastity

Ms lori chastity

Ms lori chastity

I cannot help but be reminded of how you did try to forewarn me by sending me the link to Tom and Bobbi's story, and all Chastuty did was think how I was not going to get caught and that I could get Ms lori chastity with lying to you and to her. Kinda sets the tone for a lifetime of submission. Haven't Ms lori chastity agreed on any safe words or anything? Want to join? Cant you go to Her and say please please cgastity i have it off for just a little bit and chastlty that you wont be naughty. Guy and Joroincharge like this. He has proved to me now time and again that he is not to be trusted in his plastic cage CB and now not with his 6 Curved PA device. Also, if you try cutting it off, you're certainly not going to logi able to hide that, so you'll have some explaining to do. Log in or sign up in seconds. I've seen them at my local harware store and they sell them online Lyle stockings there are many different sizes.

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In fear of us making Ms lori chastity mistake we re-measured and submitted new measurements. You Ms lori chastity be logged in to post a comment. Lori to add the retainer ring in both my 2 A Nhs pension scheme lump sum 2 E as a good non pierced security addition. We sent in the device to Lori and asked her to remove the two small studs on just the top part leaving two small ones on the lower part as they seemed to not cause any problems. Lorl never chastoty she would agree, just hoping. While that fight raged on, I was freaking out trying to relieve the pressure. Chastity Device and Chastity Tubes by Lori. Sure enough, a better fit, but the same problems persisted. This hole can easily be identified, as it is not drilled all the way through the block. We worked the design so that it fit properly. I started my venture into chastity wanting a visually pleasing but extremely secure device. Just email us LadyFox customchastity.

This is the community to talk with about anything and everything chastity.

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  • Firstly, I want to state unequivocally that the service Ms.
  • Following on from the previous story of how I started my journey in the lifestyle of male chastity.

This is the community to talk with about anything and everything chastity. We are open to all content and questions, and encourage you to join us in our obsession for chastity. To get a flair next to your name confirming you own a device, simply post an image of yourself wearing your chastity device with your username and the current date in shot. Please note - All posts are subject to moderation by our team and may be removed for any reason. Should your post not appear please message the mods and they will look into it for you.

Male Chastity I ordered a modified 18a from Ms. Lori back in October, and it finally arrived! So, I ordered this cage back in October, using the majority of my spare income for the past three months. Having a custom made to measure cage has been a fantasy of mine since I was 16, 21 now and was the reason I got a PA, and it arrived yesterday!

I've been wearing it for about 28 hours at this point, and it's so incredibly comfortable. It's got a 6mm gauge 2 PA ring, so it's impossible for me to pull out, and there isn't enough clearance for me to get my balls out anyway, so I'm stuck here for the foreseeable future.

Very glad to see you locked properly, and so young, too! Now that's beautiful. Have you given any thought to how long you'll be wearing it? Once you're past the "breaking in period" and you're confident you can go long term, your keyholder ought to consider using pop rivets to secure you between very infrequent unlockings ;.

Well, I'm giving it a week where I have easy access to the keys in case of emergency, but once that time is up they're going away to my keyholder and I'm going to be locked up until either April 5th my birthday , or a friend of mine with 'override privileges' visits she can let me out if she wishes , or possibly later if my KH decides that she wants me locked up for longer.

Whilst the idea of going permanent is insanely hot, I am only 21 :P I'm kind of hoping to have children at some point, so being locked up permanently and never orgasming again isn't on the cards just yet. In a few years though, maybe?

Who knows? Also, pop rivets actually wouldn't work with this. It's secured with two special custom screws with a head that's specific to me, and only two bits that will turn the screw currently exist. Using pop rivets would actually make it less secure :P. What's your arrangement with this friend with override privileges? She uses your cock to get off, but you're not allowed to come, I hope?

And yeah, you're only 21 - that's part of what makes it so hot ; If I had it my way, we'd all have been locked starting at puberty. Kinda sets the tone for a lifetime of submission ;. Well I have an agreement with my KH that I can be let out if people have use of it, and I get locked up again afterwards. Well, I've only had it for a day and a half at this point; I'll give it a few months before thinking about adding some JB weld in there ;.

Once to another woman a friend of ours , once to a "femboy" a friend of mine who needed a good hard pounding. Both times I wasn't permitted to orgasm. It's both flattering and objectifying, isn't it? I like that mixture of being complimented and used. Well, it's not exactly a regular thing once every 8 months or so , but yeah, it is rather fun being let out for that one purpose and then sealed away, regardless of if I've gotten off I've found that if I put a cock ring on and get hard I can actually make them bruise a little bit to turn them dark - it goes away in a few days but I love the visible mark of chastity on me :.

I had the same experience with mine, and to a lesser extent with my Queen's Keep - I think what that is, is the skin of the glans replenishing itself. In circumcized men it becomes keratinized hardened which desensitizes it somewhat. But once you remove the constant rubbing of underwear against it, it loses that keratinized layer and becomes super, super sensitive like in an uncircumcized man.

At this point, about 28 hours. About to have my first shower with it on and find out how easy it is to was in it. Well it should be a bit easier than washing in mine, and I don't consider it that hard. You'll have to keep us posted on how it is once you've broken it in for a week or so! Yeah, it was insanely easy. I planning on staying locked up until my birthday April 5th and possibly beyond then if my keyholder decides to change when I'm let out.

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It also allows me to masturbate, but not to actually cum, which is infuriatingly amazing. Once you're past the "breaking in period" and you're confident you can go long term, your keyholder ought to consider using pop rivets to secure you between very infrequent unlockings ; Or if they don't want to free you at all, there's always JB weld..

I didn't know Lori did custom screwheads. How long have you been wearing it for?

Within the 2 E, are several "spikes" located in strategic places, to help with anti pull out security. I again gave up on the piercing idea for security in chastity. I have had Lori devices for over 10 years Lori I would have to 'take it easy' and use plenty of lubricant to give my piercing some time to get used to the new angles the locking pin applied to it. I was at my wit's end with the "Curve"; which, frankly was the best budget device we had found.

Ms lori chastity

Ms lori chastity

Ms lori chastity

Ms lori chastity. Is it worth it?

Loris has been terrific albeit slow due to my anatomical particularities , I am definitely not complaining about anything to do with purchasing the device. Just don't be surprised if you need adjustments or need to change models. This is very important in my personal experience. So, overall, I am really really pleased with my device, and the whole experience with Ms. Lori has been absolutely outstanding.

Despite many setbacks caused by my bodily limitations with wearing a chastity device, I now have something I am really satisfied with. If you are a serious chastity-worshipper and want something that is truly functional for full time chastity then Ms Lori Chastity Tubes are the way to go, without a doubt. I wrote an email to my wife and wrote as headline My Christmas gift wish.

I told her what I really just recently realized, that the biggest problem about our sex life is that I am addicted to porn and that I've been that since early teenage.

And no matter how hard I try, I always go back to watching and jerking off. I told her how I feel about this and that I quite often hate my self for it. Then I inserted the review you've got on your page from Ms A.

From a woman's perspective. Then I insured her that it's really no problem to wear this device long term, easy to clean and so on. My Christmas wish was that she wouldn't let me out before my birthday 27 April starting from Christmas eve. After she read my mail we discussed it maybe half hour. She asked me questions like if I really meant that I would go without an orgasm all that time. If it would be better to get out once in 2 weeks or once in a month or if it only makes it worse.

We really discussed this about breaking an addiction. I never thought she would agree, just hoping. This conversation took place December 9 and I told her to think about it.

I wondered if she had decided and she said sure I did that last night. So do we start from Christmas eve or what do you think and she said the sooner the better, to morrow morning. I couldn't believe what I heard! At least 12 years had I been longing that she would become my key holder and now it finally occurred.

I wanted her to tell me to lock my self up immediately after I've licked her feet clean and give her the key because it's always hard to get locked up right away when the arousal is gone.

She said ok but you're sure that you don't want a last night in freedom? That was Monday 10 of December. Now it has gone 46 days and I'm still in chastity.

Exactly a third of the time has passed until my release 27 of April 92 days to go. My wife has one key at her work, I think and I have the other in a homemade safety box that she check twice a week that I haven't tampered with it it's really no way to use the spare key without her knowing. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes easy. In the time that passed she had let me give her 2 orgasms and hopefully the third tomorrow.

I really couldn't believe that it feels soo good to give her orgasms without any possibility to orgasm my self. I really love to feel her climax in my arms! My wish finally came through! Social Networking has become the newest internet craze. So when entering your information on any Social Networking site be careful what you put. Want to make payments?

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Removing lori chastity tube | Chastity Mansion

Discussion in ' Chastity and orgasm denial ' started by Helium 55 , Jun 2, Chastity Mansion. Removing lori chastity tube Discussion in ' Chastity and orgasm denial ' started by Helium 55 , Jun 2, Top Posters.

Helium 55 New member. My girlfriend and I are have practiced chastity for about year and a half now. She is 26 I am At least until i figured out how easy it was to escape. I told her and between that and the pain the device caused me we pretty much stopped for a while until i found out about the lori 5 tube.

I got a piercing and stretched it out and ordered a 5 which came in about three months later. My girlfriend decided we needed to do a two week stress test to figure out if all was well and luckily the device fit perfectly and caused no irritation.

This is where things got scary. At first she told me she would unlock me every other sunday. She is dead serious about this and will not unlock me not matter how much i beg. Does anyone know if it is possible to remove a Lori without the key??

I am completely desperate right now. I have been locked now for 7 weeks and I am dying for release. I cannot imagine going for another two months or longer. We only have one key and she keeps it in her safe deposit box at the bank. Please help me. There must be a way to remove the screw. Has anyone ever successfully removed the lock on a lori? Mark Owen likes this. As far as I'm aware, that's the "beauty" of Lori devices - not removable without the key.

As to your girl friend working on "advice" from an online friend she may like to consider whether she is being manipulated by that "friend" for their own enjoyment and vicarious pleasure or getting "advice". Just a thought. Mark Owen and guodor like this. Guy likes this. That's why Ms. Lori is the best LOL.

Guy and Joroincharge like this. Damons Member. Lori and ask really nicely Guest New member. Just dont drill a hole in your dick though. Hi Helium. Sorry to say this, but your predicament sounds WAY hot to me Can you hug her without melting when you inhale the sweet, soft skin of her neck Guy , Mark Owen and kellysbitch like this. JamesAll10 Member. Why couldn't you use putty that hardens like steel and make a key when you press it into the screw?

Mix the two parts together, press it onto the screw to form the head, remove putty, wait for it to harden 20 minutes later You have your own key??? Ms Lori will give the key to a female and she will want proof of who she is giving it to.

I think you have to go with the flow or lack of flow as it is. ChasteHubby likes this. Local Time: PM. Cant you go to Her and say please please can i have it off for just a little bit and promise that you wont be naughty.

It'd be easy to remove with some epoxy puddy It'd be wasteful to not wear such an expensive piece of jewelry, after all What a problem! Chastity play is just that, play. If your SO wants to stretch your limits, that is fine, but what you are describing is akin to False Imprisonment. Some things to consider: 1. The JB Weld 2 part epoxy will not likely work as the torque requirements will likely exceed the structural integrity of the hardened "key".

You probably did not have a password at the beginning, but you did have her word regarding a 2 week test. Apparently she has no need for PIV sex or she does, but not with you. This lock CAN be circumvented. No doubt! Even if it means destroying the device.

With the information you have shared, I believe that you should not worry about the future of your relationship with this woman. Your relationship is not wholesome and her unwavering determination to control you is merely the harbinger of worse things to come. I recommend NOT getting any law enforcement agency involved. Buy a Dremel tool and several diamond discs, and take however many hours is required and cut yourself free.

Don't look back. Drop her like a hot rock. As a reader, I must face the possibility that your story is made up, wishful thinking or wank fodder because the story seems unlikely. Please follow up. Moe5 likes this. Cecilia B Active member. I find this hard to believe. But whatever. I think its just someones fap material to be honest. GoddessMWilspoon likes this.

I would not recommend trying the epoxy idea. From what I can tell that is a single pin tumbler lock, the pins must be pushed by the key to their proper positions to allow thy cylinder to turn.

Epoxy will NOT move the pins! You can use a wiz wheel, just make sure to do it under running cold water to prevent burning the shit out of yourself! It will be messy He says pieces can fly off and hit you in the eye. I have to wonder about all this, though. You said you'd been doing this a year and a half.

Haven't you agreed on any safe words or anything? The way you put it, it seems like she's breaking the limits or not sticking to what you agreed on, which is why I showed it to BF in the first place. You'd just be looking for a way to sneak out of chastity. Do you have a safeword and you haven't used it? BF and I have a system of safewords that range from OK, but I'm wondering about this to absolute stop.

If he's locked up and says the absolute stop safeword, the cage comes off. Did you agree absolutely it comes off every other Sunday no matter what and she just decided not to take it off or did you agree that she didn't have to take it off then unless she decided to, or she decided you earned it, or she decided you were a bad boy and didn't deserve to get it off?

Is she breaking what you agreed on or is she within what you agreed on? The way you put it seems to be she's breaking what you agreed on. Jessica Alexander Trans woman not a mistress or Dom. I've seen them at my local harware store and they sell them online but there are many different sizes.

Any engineer worth his salt could be out of that in seconds!!! Mistress B Mistress B. Caged Wolf and sillymaid like this. Hello Helium. The thought of piercing my genitalia for ANY reason both scares the crap out of me and arouses me at the same time. God, what would my urologist say?!?!

Ms lori chastity