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This brilliant and generous local indie band and it's individual members have been constant encouragement for all of the artists contributing to Global Sync. It is an excellent example of the collaborative efforts we have made. Many videographers and photographers contributed historical and contemporary images to make this a collective work about our lives and about change. The original song by the Mad Housewives is funny, beautiful and haunting in it's description of our unique world, our joy, our love and our loss. The Mad Housewives.

Mad housewifes

Wibbitz Entertainment. Watch fullscreen. Blue Corn, Blueberry, and Buttermilk Waffles with From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Book Book Inspired Recipes. Lucila Berryman.

African american pictures during slavery. What's domestic bliss without a little wine!

Her nude, semi-nude, Housewkfes pro-Soviet dance projects as well as her attitudes on free When an uncool girl tries to infiltrate the trio's newly Something Else! Edit Storyline Tina Balser is a bored New York housewife-mother married to Jonathan, a pompous, social-climbing lawyer who ridicules her in front of their children, criticizing everything she does or wears. Trivia Film debut of Frank Langella. Diary of a Mad Housewife Theatrical release poster. User Ratings. A source of stress for many parents throughout the UK and around Mad housewifes world, is planning and throwing a party for their child. A hair straightener is an […]. Pitch black comedy about a young nihilistic New Yorker coping with pervasive urban violence, obscene phone calls, rusty water pipes, electrical blackouts, paranoia and ethnic-racial conflict during a typical summer of the s. The chemical composition of […].

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Congrats to the winners! I wish I hadn't had such a busy March and could have participated! Congrats to all the winners, and I have dropped you an email with my addy, thanks! What fun. Thanks for putting this contest together Girlichef.

It was MAD fun. Congrats to everyone - such fun photos! Wish I'd been able to find a bottle - but didn't get to the USA this month at all. Still, I'm going to look for that wine when I go down to Washington next month. What fun Heather.

These are adorable and definitely put a big smile on my face this afternoon! Congratulations to the winners! If only I could have gotten it together this month, I'd have participated. There's a bottle in my fridge as we speak! How fun! I laughed my myself silly when I read Rob's post, very funny.

Thank you so much for putting this together, I had Sooooo much fun with this whole thing. Happy Weekend! What wonderful entries! I wish I had found the wine and the time to join in--but so fun to see some familiar faces. Wow, how did I miss this?!? Movie Movie Inspired Recipes.

Television Television Inspired Recipes. Book Book Inspired Recipes. We're all a little MAD around here I couldn't resist a little March MAD ness fun this year. With the gracious donations of Mad Housewife goodies from Mad Housewife Cellars , I wondered aloud just which type of Mad Housewife you considered yourself.

Well, even though I received a small number of responses, they were all a lot of fun. Thanks so much to the following five people for sharing their inner and outer Mad Housewife Gwen from Simply Healthy Family went above and beyond in her Delicately Light and Sweet Mad Housewife post with gorgeous photos of her as a Mad Housewife, a mouthwatering meal inspired by the wine, and great words to go along with it. Next up is Rob , the only Bearded Mad Housewife to enter Between singing the Wonder Pets theme song, doing laundry and kissing boo-boo's, I think that's impressive and he's my choice for Best Story.

Rachel from The Crispy Cook had a bit of trouble trying to locate a bottle of Mad Housewife, but she never gave up and she totally impressed me by getting into Crispy Mad Housewife character and tipping back a glass in hopes that one day she'll come across it. She is my choice for Best Photo. I've had plenty of those weeks myself and think that this definitely deserves an Honorable Mention.

Carina from a punk, a pumpkin, and a peanut grabbed a bottle in anticipation of being a Mama's Time-Out Mad Housewife. I think all the mama's out there deserve a MAD time-out Another Honorable Mention is definitely in order. Thanks so much for participating in my March MADness guys! I loved each post and want to send everybody a prize Newer Post Older Post. Pam March 31, at AM. Melynda March 31, at AM. Rachel March 31, at AM. Rue March 31, at AM. Joanne March 31, at PM. Louanne March 31, at PM.

Swathi March 31, at PM. Healthy Mamma April 1, at PM. Deb in Hawaii April 2, at AM. Merut April 4, at PM. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About Heather. Follow by Email. Lemon Bars My City Cuisine a wiki project is looking for fo Happy St.

Paddy's Day! Blue Corn, Blueberry, and Buttermilk Waffles with Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Frittata with a Simple Soft Buttermilk Waffles Bread and Milk Mad Housew Disclaimer: posts may contain Amazon affiliate links, which earn me a small commission when you buy but doesn't cost you anything extra. Thank you for supporting this blog. This website contains some quotations, excerpts, and screen clips from copyrighted material.

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The lavish parties, the academic pretensions, and the extensive therapy are all urban subterfuges for individual insecurity!!! User Ratings. External Reviews. He finds She begins an affair with George Prager, a dashing, successful and blatantly sadistic writer. Cinderella Liberty

Mad housewifes

Mad housewifes

Mad housewifes

Mad housewifes

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Diary of a Mad Housewife is a American comedy-drama film about a frustrated wife portrayed by Carrie Snodgress. The film co-stars Richard Benjamin and Frank Langella. Tina Balser, an educated, frustrated housewife and mother, is in a loveless marriage with Jonathan, an insufferable, controlling, emotionally abusive, social-climbing lawyer in New York City.

He treats her like a servant, undermines her with insults, and belittles her appearance, abilities and the raising of their two girls, who treat their mother with the same rudeness as their father. Searching for relief, she begins a sexually fulfilling affair with a cruel and coarse writer, George Prager, who treats her with similar brusqueness and contempt, which only drives her deeper into despair. She then tries group therapy , but this also proves fruitless when she finds her male psychiatrist , Dr.

Linstrom, as well as the other participants, equally shallow and abusive. At the climax of the film, Jonathan confesses to Tina that his ambitious plans have collapsed. A French vineyard he had invested in is wiped out, and he is now in debt.

Because he has been focusing on non-job issues, his work at his law firm has suffered. He also confesses to having an affair. Tina tells Jonathan that she accepts what he's done, and promises to support him, but does not tell him of her own affair with George. Tina reveals her story to her therapy group, who angrily criticize or belittle her.

The final shot is of Tina's face, steadfast, as angry voices from the group are heard from off-screen. Soon after, Young and Snodgress became romantically involved for several years. He stated that it was an example of dirty entertainment and that he did not like it because the characters were in bed for 80 minutes. He made a joke of this, saying, "Well I'm not interested in that. I don't care what they're doing in the sack, if I'm not doing it, why should I sit in the theater and watch it?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Diary of a Mad Housewife Theatrical release poster. The New York Times. Retrieved April 5, Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved April 6, Films directed by Frank Perry. Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Theatrical release poster. Diary of a Mad Housewife by Sue Kaufman.

Mad housewifes

Mad housewifes

Mad housewifes