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Sign in. Sign in with. Money Back Guarantee Refund in 15 Days. Slipping right over the head of Wand Massager, it will focus the power of the massagers vibrations to stimulate. Simply fit the attachment over the head of any wand massager, focus the power of vibrations to stimulate or focus on points of the body.

Hummingbird sex toys

Hummingbird sex toys

Hummingbird sex toys

All Rights Reserved. This means that we can guarantee the authenticity of this item and attest to the fact that the manufacturer's warranty is valid. This is what I mean about it being a companion toy. Update: I have flame Hummingbird sex toys these and the included head for the Hummingbird Mini and they have all passed as silicone. Wands sold separately. This manufacturer sells through authorized retailers only. Trix February 7, at pm 3 years ago. However, if you are buying what will be your Tracy wypych and only toy, you are going to want to look for something that can get the job done all on its own. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Push your cock in one of these sleeves and experience an all-new sensation while you stroke one out. The spitters are adjustable up and down and each support can be bent Hummingbidd any position so you can create any arrangement that you feel is aesthetically pleasing, you could Hummingbird sex toys remove some of the sculptured spitters and Tifa hentai pics off the valves. Review is sponsored by EdenFantasys. Standard rates apply to all other shipping methods offered. While the anal beads frustrate me, the hummingbird clitoral vibrator is my new favorite toy to use on my clitoris. Out of stock Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. This toy is going up in my estimations, although it does have a tendency to turn itself off of its own accord. EUR Currency. Every guy should own at least one male stroker, so Hummingbird sex toys Hummiingbird best pocket pussy or if you prefer a blowjob or anal sex, the Hummingbird sex toys male masturbator for your everyday needs! We always seem to agree, don't we? Great anal and clit toy.

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  • Strap-on vibrator by Topco.
  • Harness the incredible power of a wand massager to create pleasure-packed sensations during masturbation.
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  • The hummingbird comes into play as the attachment that works on your clit.

Use it by yourself, with your partner, or give it as a special present for personal sensual desire or simply body relaxation. Many of our customers experience new levels of pleasure on their first use! Each vibration pattern has 5 strength settings. HINT: plug it in on your nightstand for morning fun. This is the same material doctors are required by law to use with their patients. It includes a luxurious velvet drawstring bag for easy and discreet storage when you are done using it. No Questions Asked full refund or replacement will be provided.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Free Shipping on all orders until July 31! Lyps Hummingbird Vibrating Clit Massager quantity. Long press the power button again and the item will shut down. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Add to cart Details.

Add resource. Very good though. This is, however, not the kind of vibrator that you buy as your main toy — but it does make a good companion toy for specific actions which we will discuss in a minute. Fantastic vibrations and awesome beaded texture, and it didn't cost me much money at all. Be very careful of you share this. Well I just had to write a follow up review, mainly to say that if your lover, assuming it is a guy likes stimulation around his balls, this works really well.

Hummingbird sex toys

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On show they had their two flagship creations, the Hummingbird and Hummingbird Mini. Why did these interest me so much?

Because I love wand massagers, and seeing one had been created by an Australian manufacturer filled me with joy. Overall it is just the same sort of wand massager that I have grown to love over the last few years, but with a slightly smaller head and shorter body.

The head of the toy is made with body-safe silicone while the handle is made with ABS plastic and the toy features two simple and self-explanatory buttons, one to turn it on and one to adjust vibration levels. The neck is quite flexible and I got mine in their pink colour, but they also do a great purple shade too. Finally, Cloudnine also include a 12 month warranty with all their products. The Hummingbird and Hummingbird Mini both have wand attachments that can be bought to go with them.

For the Mini there is three attachments, the Bunny, Butterfly and Rabbit , which I was also sent for review. The Butterfly has a larger end to go in the vagina and a butterfly shaped end that is textured to rest on top of the clitoris. The Bunny is similar to my Intro 2 and is designed for both ends to stimulate the clitoris.

Finally the Rabbit is just designed like a regular rabbit vibrator. They are originally created for smaller wand massagers such as the Fairy Wand Mini so you might have a little trouble getting these onto the larger head of the Hummingbird Mini. The best way to do this is to first put it inside-out and then unfold it out over the head. Update: I have flame tested these and the included head for the Hummingbird Mini and they have all passed as silicone.

My order was placed with Cloudnine on the 14th of December and it arrived promptly by the 19th which was great considering it was over the Christmas period. It did list Cloudnine as the sender but this could mean many companies. Inside this was the box for the Hummingbird Mini as well as the attachments which were individually sealed in plastic. The box is simple but well made and sturdy.

The outside features a picture of the toy, logos, as well as some simple information about the toy. The inside can be slid out with the help of a little bit of ribbon which is attached and then this reveals the toy and its charger which are both encased in foam. Inside of this is the instructions on use of the toy, plus the cleaning and warranty info. Since the box is quite compact it will probably also make a good home for your vibrator.

Charging the toy is simple, just plug it into the base of the toy and the other end into a powerpoint. It should take around 8 hours to give you three hours of play time, or alternatively for a quicker charge just 1 hour should still give you 45 minutes of vibrations.

Once off the toy will start at the beginning of the modes. One of my biggest issues with the toy immediately is that it has 8 patterns and only 2 vibration strengths. Because of this the initial speed is quite high and there is a big jump between the first and second speeds, so it can be difficult to adjust between the two levels and you might need some prior stimulation beforehand to get going.

I think it would have been a lot better to put 4 vibration strengths and 4 patterns, that way there is an equal amount of fun to be had depending on your preference and no one feels left out. Another problem I have encountered with the toy is that the residual vibrations, that is the vibrations that travel along the handle, are quite high. Actually using it though I found that I had completely underestimated it!

I have quite a few wand massagers now, but this is actually my first wand with insertable attachments. Using it my expectations were correct, although I found that while I would have preferred to just use the wand directly that I was still able to orgasm with it, just not as quickly or powerfully. I believe that if you do enjoy vibrations like this however then this would work really great for you.

Next up was the Rabbit, which is easily insertable with a small amount of lube. Unfortunately the clitoris arm did not reach my clit, while the insertable arm did not reach my G-spot. However rocking it back and forth I did manage to find a middle ground between the two where I was able to hit my clitoris and so I did manage to have an orgasm with it.

The insertable end however was too small really for much to be felt, although again I did find that rocking it back and forth was pleasurable and I could orgasm from it. Cleaning the Hummingbird Mini is simple since you can remove the silicone head. Once this is done you can just wipe it and the attachments down with some soap and warm water, and then leave it to air dry. After this you can return it to the massager body and put it in its storage solution such as zip lock bags or the provided box.

Since the toy is made with silicone ensure to only use water-based lubricants with it. Overall I really enjoyed trying out the Hummingbird Mini and my expectations for it were certainly exceeded. But the Hummingbird Mini reminded me of my smaller wand massagers when I just started using sex toys that I use to adore so much. My main negatives were the lack of vibration speeds and residual vibrations, but I feel like these are relatively easy fixes and the strength of the vibrations there are is enough to keep me happy.

I think the wand attachments certainly do add another level to the toy, so if they sound like your sort of thing then I think they would definitely be worth it. I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Sounds like a pretty solid product. Looks like an interesting toy! Too bad about the noise level, I like my toys a bit quiet and discreet.

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Hummingbird sex toys

Hummingbird sex toys