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What they found was shocking. A scene of a massacre like no one had ever seen before. The officers got sheets from the linen closet and covered the bodies. One week later the blue sheet that was used to cover Abigail Folger on the lawn would still be there. Although placing the sheets on the bodies was not a good idea, not transferring them to the lab with the bodies was worse.

Monica kott bikini

MDA is mott synthetic drug manufactured in Toronto, Canada. This had not been in use since the Polanskis leased the property in February of And after receiving a wave of backlash and critisim, Tomlo allegedly took to Facebook under the name Blue-rijj Koche and blasted those who spoke Monica kott bikini. Parent was wearing a red, white and blue plaid shirt, blue denim pants, white socks and black shoes. These dogs do not generally respond to ordinary traffic or house noises in the vicinity, but become highly excited and bark and howl when Monica kott bikini hear gunshots. Suspect s entered the house.

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By Matthew Wright For Dailymail.

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By Matthew Wright For Dailymail. A North Carolina CrossFit trainer is being accused of treating his female clients and staff 'like pieces of meat' after posting videos of their butts while working out. Tom Tomlo Jr. In the clips, the women - clad in black workout pants - are bent over as their backsides poke out into the air. Over their assets, Tomlo posted peach and rock on emojis with captions 'dayum' and 'humpday.

A woman who attends the gym saw the video and took screenshots, posting them on Facebook and adding: 'This is not okay. Over their assets, Tomlo pictured posted peach and rock on emojis with captions 'dayum' and 'humpday'. And after receiving a wave of backlash and critisim, Tomlo allegedly took to Facebook under the name Blue-rijj Koche and blasted those who spoke out.

No one in this establishment has the green light on that. Tomlo would later post a status defending his actions and how no one on the staff had an issue with the videos. According to Amanda Turlington, the former lead membership administrator at the gym who quit after post, Tomlo was told that the videos were an issue. Turlington claims that she was one of the women featured in the post - with a thumbs up emoji and ' blueridgegirls' - and that she was unaware that she was being filmed.

I don't come to the gym to have my body on display. She added that in addition to quitting, she took several calls on Monday from people wanting to cancel their memberships. We were videoing, talking about booties that day. Someone took offense to it. They took a picture of it and put it in a way, I can see how it would be misunderstood. But Turlington detailed that this wasn't the first time she had a problem with Tomlo's behavior. Customers were not too happy with Tomlo's actions with many taking to the gym's Facebook.

He was in the military for years. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: CrossFit owner post videos of clients focusing on backside e-mail Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

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Monica kott bikini

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What they found was shocking. A scene of a massacre like no one had ever seen before. The officers got sheets from the linen closet and covered the bodies. One week later the blue sheet that was used to cover Abigail Folger on the lawn would still be there.

Although placing the sheets on the bodies was not a good idea, not transferring them to the lab with the bodies was worse. Police officers, being the first to arrive at the scene of a crime, must follow strict procedures in an effort to protect any shred of evidence that may be needed to obtain a conviction.

For example, Officer DeRosa, while he was escorting a possible suspect, down the driveway of the Tate estate noticed that there was blood on the button that opened the electric gate.

Fingerprints would be a problem area for police throughout the investigations. On the evening of August 8, , Sharon Polanski called friends she had previously invited for the evening and stated that she was not feeling well and was going to remain home with Abigail Folger and Wojiciech Frykowski, two friends that had been living in her home since March, She also stated that Jay Sebring, her one-time fiance, would probably drop over later in the evening.

She cancelled the above invitation. Sharon Polanski had been with her husband, film producer-director, Roman Polanski, in London, England from March , until approximately July 21, , when she returned home to the property they leased at Cielo Drive.

Her husband was to remain in Europe and return to California on August 12, Autabelli had left his house Addendum 1 and 1C and several dogs in the care of William Garretson, his houseboy. The main house leased by the Polanskis was their own responsibility as to maintenance and domestic help. Garretson was at home at the time of the murders and was visited by Steven Parent from on , until hours, Sometime after midnight, August 9, , an unknown suspect or suspects entered the Cielo property via the front gate which is operated by an electronic push button that can be operated from outside the gate.

From this point there are three possible theories which have been reached after analyzing the physical evidence. The first theory is that the killers climbed a telephone pole Addendum 1 and 1A located just north of the above-described electronic button which opens the gate to the Cielo property.

The phone wire at the top of this pole had been cut in such a manner that it stopped phone service to the Cielo property; however, did not allow the phone wire that runs from the pole to the house to fall to the ground. At one time, this wire was connected to two speakers which were used for communications between the house and the gate opener.

This had not been in use since the Polanskis leased the property in February of The killers then entered the gate at approximately hours and were observed by the first victim, Steven Parent, as he was leaving the guest house which was occupied by a houseboy, William Garretson. The killers, having been hired to kill Sharon Polanski, Jay Sebring, Wojiciech Frykowski and Abigail Folger, shot Parent three times as he attempted to drive his vehicle from the Cielo property.

The killers continued to the main house, the Polanski residence, where they proceeded to kill the four intended victims.

Second theory: The killers went to the Polanski home sometime after midnight on , to either deliver or collect for various types and amounts of narcotics; that an argument ensued either over the money or the possibility of bad drugs, and the suspect, or suspects, armed with a knife and gun, proceeded to kill Frykowski, Folger, Sebring and Polanski.

As the suspect s left, they climbed the power pole and cut both the telephone wire and the communications wire hoping that their crime would remain undetected for a long period of time in order to make good their escape.

Third theory: That suspect or suspects went to the Polanski home to commit a residential robbery. Once at the location, a fight ensued between the suspects and victims.

The occupants of the house were all killed, and as the suspects were leaving they observed Parent, the fifth victim, leaving the location. They caught Parent and shot him before he could make good his exit. The possibility also exists that Parent could have been involved in the setting up and participation of the above-described attempt robbery, as he did have one knife wound in the palm of his left hand, indicative of a defensive wound. His fatal wounds were the result of gunshots.

On , at approximately , West Los Angeles Detectives were notified that five persons had been killed a t Cielo Drive, the home of Roman Polanski. The following West Los Angeles Detectives responded to the scene over a period of approximately one hour:. Lieutenant Madlock phoned Inspector K. McCauley and requested that the investigation be assigned to Homicide Division. Lieutenant R. He assigned the case to Sergeants M. McGann, and J.

He also called three additional investigators to assist in a crime scene search and investigation. Sergeants E.

Henderson, D. Varney and D. Galindo were assigned this responsibility. Lieutenant Helder and the assigned investigators responded to the scene, arriving at various times between and hours.

His right arm was resting on the arm rest and his forearm and right hand were resting on the right passenger seat. An examination of the vehicle revealed that the lights were off; the hood was cool and engine off. The ignition switch was in the vertical, or off, position and the automatic gearshift lever indicated the car was in second gear. The emergency brake was off and a later check revealed that the battery was charged.

A later check also revealed slightly over one-half tank of gasoline. Parent was wearing a red, white and blue plaid shirt, blue denim pants, white socks and black shoes. The band was severed. Parent had a laceration, indicative of a defense wound, on the palm of his left hand between the little and ring fingers. The wound runs vertical with his arm and the band on the wrist watch was undoubtedly severed when Parent received this wound. It appeared that Parent had been shot in the face, left arm and chest.

The environment temperature was 94 degrees. At that time an extreme degree of rigor mortis was evident throughout all parts of the body. The next body observed was that of Wojiciech Frykowski. He was lying on his right side, his head resting on his right arm, his forearm and right hand running parallel with his body.

His left arm was at his side, with the left forearm running perpendicular with the ground and his left hand clutched the grass where he was lying. For the position of the body in relation to the Polanski residence, see Addendum 1 and 1B. Frykowski was attired in a purple shirt, multi-colored pants and brown high-top shoes and socks. Both his shirt and pants were drenched in blood. He also had stab wounds on his back and defense wounds to his right hand.

Rigor mortis was evident in an extreme degree throughout all parts of the body. Post-mortem lividity was noted all along the right side of the victim, which is consistent with the position that he was found in.

Abigail Folger was the next victim observed lying in the front yard in front of the Polanski home. Her head was to the east and feet to the west. She was attired in a white, full-length nightgown which was completely drenched in blood from the breast area downward. Numerous stab wounds were noted in the upper anterior torso of Folger.

She also had several severe lacerations to the left side of her face. Defense wounds were noted on both her right and left hands. For the exact location of the body, see Addendum 1 and 1B. At hours, Deputy Coroner Finken found that her liver temperature was 92 degrees. The environment temperature was 88 degrees. Rigor mortis in an extreme degree was noted throughout the entire body. Post-mortem lividity was noted on the posterior of the deceased consistent with the position in which she was found.

The next victim found was Sharon Polanski. She was inside the living room of the Polanski home, lying on her left side directly in front of a sofa which faces the fireplace. For the exact location, see Addendum 1 and 1B. Her head was to the south and her legs, which were tucked up towards her body in a fetal position, were to the north. Numerous stab wounds were noted about her breasts, a wound in the upper abdominal region and one stab wound in the right leg.

She was obviously several months pregnant. There was dried blood smeared over the entire body. It appeared to investigating officers that someone had handled the victim, as in moving her from one location to another and the blood from the stab wounds had been smeared over other parts of the body.

Polanski was attired in a bikini-type nightgown consisting of bra and pants. They were multi-colored and blood drenched. The environment temperature was 83 degrees at hours. There was an extreme degree of rigor mortis evident in all parts of the body.

Post-mortem lividity was noted in the posterior portion of the body consistent with the position in which the body was found. The fifth victim, Jay Sebring, was also located in the living room area of the Polanski home. Approximately 4 feet separated him from Sharon Polanski. His head was to the east and his lower upper torso was to the west.

His legs went out at an angle perpendicular to the body, the feet in a northerly direction. A light colored towel, blood drenched, covered his head and face in a manner similar to that of a hood.

The loose end went underneath the body, running parallel with the upper torso and continuing toward the fire hearth in a westerly direction. His left eye was bruised and swollen. His clothing was blood drenched and consisted of a blue shirt, white pants with black vertical stripes and black high-top boots.

Monica kott bikini

Monica kott bikini