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Fuck all nigers

Fuck all nigers

Fuck all nigers

Fuck all nigers

Archived from Fuck all nigers original on July 1, That One Guy profile30 Sep am. Retrieved 16 January Australian Recording Industry Association. Lovely stunner gets her butt hole fucked in a threesome. De facto the police would probably try a lot harder to get something to pin on you if Fick were shouting fuck, as opposed to something else.

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It's becoming quite a period of time for the profane when it comes to interacting with law enforcement, apparently. We had just recently discussed one man's victory in federal court over a town that didn't appreciate him writing "Fuck your shitty town bitches" on a speeding ticket he'd mailed in. Well, back in , another delightful human, Thomas Smith, was apparently arrested for being an ass on the Arena, Wisconsin, Facebook page.

In July , the Village of Arena in Wisconsin posted a note on its Facebook page announcing a slew of arrests. Smith then posted "Fuck ths fucking cops they ant shit but fucking racist basturds an fucking all of y'all who is racist," as well as "Fuck them nigers bitchs wat you got on us not a dam thing so fuck off dicks. He was originally convicted by a local jury, but that decision was overturned by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, which ruled Smith's First Amendment rights were violated.

Likely the jury was presented with what Smith had written and decided he was a jerk and ruled against him. That doesn't change the fact that the arrest and conviction were both unconstitutional, of course. Smith and his attorney, Tom Aquino, sued the village for an unspecified amount. Wednesday, the village settled with him, according to Aquino.

Federal and state courts have routinely held that the right to free speech is not limited to polite speech alone," Aquino wrote in a blog post.

The use of some four-letter words in the course of doing so is never a crime. And Smith's speech, while lacking poetry and panache, is certainly protected. It's about time law enforcement realizes that profanity is still free speech so that they can stop costing municipalities this kind of settlement money.

Filed Under: arena , first amendment , free speech , police , social media , wisconsin. Subscribe: RSS. View by: Time Thread. Have a Techdirt Account? Sign in now. Want one? Register here. Subscribe to the Techdirt Daily newsletter. Comment Options: Use markdown. Use plain text. Join the Insider Chat. This feature is only available to registered users.

Register or sign in to use it. Sign In Register Preferences. Wed, Sep 30th am — Timothy Geigner. If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Anonymous Coward , 30 Sep am. Considering he was arrested for it, I'm skeptical any good cops had to endure it. My new job is going to be posting this on every police departments social media pages I can find.

Ok, I posted my response before reading the full article. I will leave off the racist junk. Anonymous Coward , 30 Sep pm.

I don't know; calling a completely non-Asian police force a bunch of chinks, or an all-Irish police force a bunch of kikes, or similarly mislabeling them with impolite language seems like an amusing way to yank their chains. Get the epithets wrong on purpose. DigDug , 30 Sep pm. Just mention that the CDC is on the way to quarantine the local patrol station due to a severe outbreak of Swine Flu. JoeT , 30 Sep pm. Why is it that your typical prosecutor finds it so hard to indict the sort of cops that do these things?

Perhaps we should mail them bread and mustard, so they can make some ham sandwiches. Anonymous Coward , 1 Oct am. Seems legit! Well done Sir! Frankz profile , 30 Sep am. If the local prosecutor files charges and issues an arrest warrent, the police don't have much say in the matter. The police had plenty of say in the matter. They could choose to "lose" the order every time it was submitted.

They could choose to tell the prosecutor to go fuck himself. The fact is that they were responsible for arresting him. He was originally convicted by a local jury, Every jury member is a fucking idiot not worthy of being a citizen.

They successfully found a jury of his peers. That One Guy profile , 30 Sep am. If you can't deal with the public, from the best behaved to the worst, in a civil and reasonable manner, a job that involves interacting with them on a regular basis is probably not the best career to get into. Violynne profile , 30 Sep am. Good thing Facebook's all about turning off the hate speech.

Not only will cops actually be looking to curb real crime, no one gets arrested illegally. Maybe there is a silver lining to forcing people to keep their mouth shut.

TruthHurts , 30 Sep pm. Politically correct isn't. Arresting people for saying something that hurts someone's feelings or makes them angry is illegal.

If I were to say I hate haters. Does that make me a hate criminal? No - I just expressed how I felt. If I say that gay people cannot be married, does that make a hate criminal?

No - I just expressed my religious views and personal opinion. If a hater or gay person gets angry and says they're going to kill me because I hurt their feelings, does that make me a hate criminal? But it does give the police a valid reason for arresting the dumb asses who fell for the provocation that some people use. The world isn't a pre-school class. Not everyone is a winner. Not everyone is "special". There is only room for 1 person to get first place, everyone else is a loser.

The world needs to quit trying to protect Billy and Suzies feelings, let them learn to filter out what people say that they don't like. They're all just a bunch of baby rapers who are mad that they cannot control the thoughts and lives of everyone in the world. They're rabid dogs that should be put down, permanently. Shows how dumb you are, everyone in my kids little leage team got a trophy last season making them all winners!

Then when they performed in the school play every student got a certificate for "best acting ever! When Forrest was unable to to write an essay about how his mom said life is like a box of chocolate the teacher just told everyone to not worry about the essays and gave them all As!

Winners I tell you, every single student has a 4. Just the other day my kids teacher told him that he was special for having two legs unlike Bobby who is special for not having two legs. Everyone has their special moments making everyone special. She went on to explain that since everyone is special everyone is a winner and deserves awards for being so special!

Now pardon me so I can get back to the little league game so I can watch the tieing play. I see trophys for everyone again this season! Whoo Hoooo! Adam profile , 30 Sep am. The settlement is only part of it. How much did it cost the taxpayers to actually do the arrest, the judges, officers, clerks, the prosecutor Only in the US could you get away with shit like that.

Keep your dumb shit in your country, stop trying to make it a global default because internet. Check this guy out Wtf are you even babbling about? Bill Stewart , 6 Oct pm. I'm confused about what you mean. There are exceptions, like Thailand and probably China. Sometimes you can do it, either here or in Europe, and sometimes you'll even win, but it's pretty rare. Yes, Facebook makes it easier for idiots to say ill-advised things to the wrong people, and get beaten up for it, and the culture hasn't evolved quite enough for the cops to just reply with an equally vulgar message, or an excessively polite message that implies they're watching, delete the scribble and block the user.

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Fuck all nigers

Fuck all nigers

Fuck all nigers

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Fuck all nigers

Fuck all nigers

Fuck all nigers