Blonde color hair shades-30 Greatest Blonde Hair Colors in Honey, Dirty, Ash & Platinum

There are so many ways to go blonde. You can throw in some highlights , or spend all day at the salon to copy Marilyn Monroe's iconic platinum style. Depending on how willing you are to maintain your color , there's a shade that's perfect for you. Get your inspiration right here, as we present the wide range of blonde shades that exists. Super-white hair is a modern interpretation of retro platinum blonde shades; Lady Gaga's version, with a hint of pale yellow, is truer to the platinum of the past and perfectly complements her retro 'do.

Blonde color hair shades

Blonde color hair shades

There's nothing wrong with skipping a color appointment when those dark roots make your blonde look that much better. Do not lighten too often. It is gentle and has a certain ability to make ice blonde look super attractive. A shadee golden base is used with pale highlights around the face for the optimal look. Grey blonde works really well with lighter skin tones and covers up greys beautifully.

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A tone this bleached-out looks best on hair that is quite short: For one, it can be damaging on really long strands, and two, it makes a sharper visual statement, especially against darker skin Blonde color hair shades. Also, you might have to have multiple appointments to achieve the desired effect. Warm Gold Blonde. Golden Blonde. Dark-Rooted Blonde. The bleaching starts from Schoenfelder nude ski back of your hair and then goes to the front so that all the hair is bleached evenly. Scroll down to browse the gallery! We have gathered some of the best styles for platinum blonde tresses that will drive your man absolutely wild. Charlize Theron's muted take on golden blonde gleams Blonde color hair shades her porcelain skin. Add volume to hai center section of the hair using a round brush and some holding spray. Fair-skinned and love to wear bright lipsticks? Pearl Blonde Ombre Hair shades-platinum-blonde-hair Source: jenna. Blonde ombre hair is a worthy pick shadea this relation. There are so many ways to go blonde.

First stop: the salon.

  • Why do gentlemen prefer blondes?
  • And while statistics are inconclusive as to how many of us are blonde by other means — "unnatural" blonde is so harsh, no?

There exists a wide range of blonde hair shades, perfect for every skin tone and personal preference. Below, we go deeper into the different shades of blonde hair, discuss how to choose the perfect blonde hair color according to skin tones, how to go blonde, how to maintain blonde hair, as well as discover the origins of blonde, and some interesting facts about fair hair colors , from the lightest to the darkest to the coolest hues.

For those who are born blonde, fair eyes and fair skin also come hand in hand with the fair hair, due to the overall lack of melanin. Which takes us to the question of what makes a blonde, blonde. Blonde hair is characterized by low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin leads to darker hair and pheomelanin leads to redder hair , with the result giving a range of lack of color, from what we know as white blonde to the darker, sandier blonde shades.

If we use the alphabet through the Fischer-Saller scale, there are enough fair hair hues to fill up from A to O. The word blonde, in and of itself, is for the female, while the male is referred to as blond, making this one of the only words that has retained its feminine and masculine counterparts. Blonde was first documented back in in the English language, as is derived from the French word of blont or blund , which stands for the color between gold and chestnut.

The modern day Fairfax is actually the surviving form of the Old English derivative for blond hair. At the end of the day though, blonde hair is the result of a tiny genetic mutation, which is about as small as changing a single letter among the 3 billion that make up your DNA.

People have always had an affinity for going blonde artificially, despite the recessive nature of the gene. In truth, should one parent have the alleles for only brown hair, the children cannot be born with blonde hair, technically speaking.

So, what some women used to do was use everything from horse urine to pigeon dung to color their hair blonde.

Plus, there are 30 shades of blonde hair, so quite a few options to choose from. Another fun fact? The Melanesians of New Guinea are the only dark-skinned people known in the world to have a high blonde hair ratio.

Generally though, if you are going to go blonde, you will need to match it just right in order to keep that natural effect. To get a natural and harmonious look, you always need to choose the best hair color for your skin tone and undertone, and the same goes for blonde hair colors. The best blonde hair shades vary from skin color to skin color, which is why we have added a list you can check your best fit with.

The classic blonde, which is a mix of sandy and bright blonde tones, brings to mind Old Hollywood and looks incredible with a lighter skin tone. Tan and dark skin simply would not do with this one. Golden blonde and strawberry blonde are also your best friends here.

The fair complexion itself has two skin undertones to deal with, the cool and warm. Though if you go that route, make sure your lips are your standout feature. With fair skin, you can pull off the sandy blonde hair color with ease as well, with stars like Scarlett Johansson knowing exactly how to nail the blonde hairstyle. Finally, you can go bronde as well, a color that is all about natural appearing warm roots and cascading buttery highlights, it appears. It creates a look of thickness while also adding to its contrast.

This includes everything from golden highlights to buttery shades. The lighter and cooler the skin is, the lighter blonde hair color you can choose.

Creamy highlights and golden lowlights make for a lovely blonde hairstyle, bringing in just enough warmth without going overboard. Strawberry blonde is also a great option for the fair complexion with a cool skin tone, along with a lovely baby blonde.

These blonde hues add warmth to the complexion and remove any form of a sallow appearance. Playing with the high maintenance platinum blonde hair color as per Miley Cyrus, especially on shorter locks, is a great way to complement the pink tones to the skin. Buttery blonde tones also look lovely with pink cheeks, particularly with added icy highlights. Ice, champagne or platinum is the best look to pick up though in the blonde bottles. Since the skin has added color, your blonde hair should also match, with a golden, beige-blonde or even a lighter sunshine happening.

You want to keep things warm here, since something ashen will only wash you out. In any case, you are looking at two undertones again here, meaning that each skin tone will look best with a certain type of blonde.

We are thinking a Blake Lively style here, and goodness knows how darling her blonde really is. She has also sported a golden ombre, with sophisticated strawberry blonde as her go-to blonde hair color. It is a modern ombre version and flows into a slightly lighter end. Platinum blonde can look quite stunning here as well, an all over ashy blonde hue with a slight golden or buttery tone.

Between a tan and dark complexion exists the olive of Jennifer Lopez and so many others. It is a gorgeous medium-style hue and is neither warm nor cool really.

Here you should stick to something that is just as neutral, with honey, baby blonde and toffee shades adding to your natural radiance. Blonde hair shades that match a darker skin tone are generally given the rule of two shades lighter than your skin.

The cool and warm undertones each require a different blonde hair color to match though, despite the level of darkness. Avoid white, platinum or orange, since that will just look too unnatural with your skin tone. We like amber the best. You can leave your roots dark, then pile on layers of highlights, the golden beige resting on top.

The brown roots ensure you do not look washed out. Now, you have gotten the cut you want, picked up the blonde hair color you want, and want to bleach your own hair to the perfect shade of blonde. Generally, though, you will want to get your blonde color done at a professional salon, particularly since bleaching hair can get pretty ugly and pretty fast. You do not want to damage your healthy locks, and if it is your first time coloring those roots, you might want to stay clear of doing it yourself altogether.

The road to blonde hair color is not always an easy one, particularly if you have been blessed with very dark tresses instead.

Now, first thing is first. You will need to bring in a photo of exactly what blonde hair color you want, without trying to come up with the right words to describe it if you are unfamiliar with the terminology. Yes, it is a lot of work, but totally worth the bombshell look at the end of the day. Be realistic about your expectations as well. If you have really dark hair, going platinum blonde will take a very long time, or else you risk having severe breakage and major overall damage to the hair.

Make appointments for your treatments beforehand and stick to them with good consistency so that you do not run into such problems in the future. To look breathtakingly beautiful instead of cheap, there are steps you will need to follow. But here are some tips to consider first, before you go about dyeing your hair. If you want a natural look, stick to the 2-shade-lighter look, so that your brows are a good match as well.

When coloring already bleached hair, you might end up with a surprise coloring. If the sunshine gives your hair a reddish shimmer, you will need to remove the red first; otherwise, you are looking at a yellow tinge over a light blonde. So neutralize that color first. If you are a natural blonde going a touch lighter, bleaching sprays are your best bet. If you are dyeing your hair blonde at home and want to go a platinum blonde, you will need a or volume purple toner to take out the brassiness.

Rinsing with vinegar will keep the toner color for longer, while conditioning constantly will allow your hair to be supple enough for further treatments as you make your way to platinum blonde. Leaving bleach on longer does not make your hair lighter, nor will it be darker if you leave it on for a shorter amount of time.

Bleach strips your hair of its pigments, no matter what. Do not use heat styling products, blow dries or irons. No styling products using alcohol should be used, including heat protectants , sprays, gels and mousse. Wash it the day before to remove any product buildup from your locks. Slow down, take your time, and keep a handheld mirror handy to ensure the back of your head is getting the right amount of dye if you are going blonde at home.

You want to make up for drying them out. You will need a deep conditioner to go with the shampoo that is made to match the blonde hair color. For example, a platinum or ice blonde will require sulfate-free shampoos with blue pigmentation. Use dry shampoo between washes, conditioning masks when you do, and coconut oil for hair once a week that is melt down and wrapped in a plastic wrap covered in a towel for an hour. About 3 appointments should do it, lightening the overall base by half or full shades, and then adding the full head of blonde highlights.

Finish the whole thing off with a gloss. An ash beige blonde could be just perfect, with added frosty highlights. Your first step will take you from a medium brown to a medium blonde, bringing you up 4 levels. You can maintain your color with a purple toner shampoo, mixed with a deep conditioner.

You can do this if your hair is in good condition and not damaged from other products. This process is very intensive and not all hair should be subjected to it. If you have had a perm or relaxing treatment, born with fine or thin hair, or have bleached extensively in the past, you should refrain from dyeing your black hair blonde.

Virgin hair is what should be used here, either never dyed or the color having grown out a while back. If you have dyed your hair black, the color will be near impossible to strip off well enough, though. It might take up to 3 processes for it to happen.

It will take a minimum of two, but generally around 4 appointments to get to the blonde you desire without causing much damage.

Coconut oil is your best friend here, so treat your locks to the gentle beauty. Put it on and sleep in it. It does a world of good. If you are an auburn or dark red, three appointments will keep things nice and healthy.

You will look best with warmer tones such as golden or copper blonde, or you could do an all-out platinum blonde. Lighten your natural hair with foils or painting, and then layer on the highlights. Chamomile shampoo would be a good product to use to boost the color and protect against damage.

Type keyword s to search. Bronzy Blonde. Buttery Blonde. Go in for a slight blunt cut and style your hair poker straight for this hairstyle! The best thing about this look is that it will suit any complexion! The darker roots are also sometimes referred to as shadow roots and a smooth transition to the silver blonde is key to this look.

Blonde color hair shades

Blonde color hair shades

Blonde color hair shades

Blonde color hair shades

Blonde color hair shades

Blonde color hair shades. What Shade Of Blonde Hair Color Chart Suits You Best?


24 Blonde hair colours - From ash to dark blonde - Here's what every shade looks like IRL

Check out these blonde looks and give being a blonde a second thought. What a babe! This is one of my favorite looks, champagne blonde with a shadow root. Adding a shadow root to your blondes allows them to go months instead of weeks between visits without losing the brightness every blonde wants.

When photographing this look I love using my beachy waves to show all the dimension this look has. Be careful with ash because it can actually make your blonde appear darker. Ash does not reflect light. You need gold to reflect light, so often times the ash blonde to appear darker because they do not reflect light. When I have a guest in the salon and we are going through the consultation, if they say they want an ash blonde I will grab a swatch and hold it up against their skin.

When a stylist says they want to add gold into the hair I believe clients hear brass! Products are a must for blondes.

My favorite products for blondes are Oribe run-through detangling primer, royal blowout heat styling spray, and matte waves texture lotion. I love this beautiful golden blonde balayage. I cut her with long layers just to give the hair a little movement and texture. I styled it using a curling rod but it can also be achieved with a flat iron or curling iron. I prepped her hair with Kevin Murphy antigravity.

I followed up with Kevin Murphy Bedroom hair spray. It will look beautiful with beachy waves, curls, and straight. If you like a little brightness around the face you can always add some babylights or a bolder highlight in the front.

And in my opinion, they just keep getting better and better with every appointment! I actually love everything about this look. Ash, silver, and cool blondes are very popular so I love when I get the chance to do a gorgeous buttery bright blonde.

Stylish but easy! I used a 1-inch curling iron to achieve this look using larger sections and curling away from the face. The cut is a long textured bob with a blunt perimeter to keep it looking fresh and healthy. The blonding was done with a mix of balayage and a baby foiling technique. After the lightness was achieved I glazed her in a pinky rose gold color that whispers. This makes it uniquely customized and fun, yet keeping her looking professional. Something a little different! The lob long bob is great for pretty much every face shape and age range.

It is an early at home achievable look. I will say these soft hues do tend to fade. When it does she is left with a beautiful blonde. Her color will also grow out soft and blended because of the technique I desired to use. I work with Lanza so I know everything I use is healing and heat protecting to the hair and also has UV protection, ensuring her color lasts as long as possible.

Our goal was a low maintenance, sun-kissed balayage to complement the natural strawberry blonde tones in her dirty blonde hair. We cut her hair with the intention of keeping it long and healthy. Some slide cutting was added through the interior to create movement. My favorite part of this look is the depth in her crown against the brighter V points of the balayage. I love how the curls accentuate the dimension and allow you to see all the different tones of her hair.

Appreciate your natural beauty and seek to enhance the canvas you have, rather than change it. Healthy hair is the best hair. They are a necessity for long, healthy hair like this client. Aim for realistic expectations for color. I would also recommend high-quality products and tools. I keep my blow drying organized and smooth to make it easier on myself.

Also, when I curl, I rotate the direction of my iron for each curl to add dimension. Finish with a light, airy hairspray, like Oribe Superfine, for defined curls or comb out for a looser wave. This look is dream hair! Unicorn blonde hair, dreamy cascading waves of creamy white blonde. The technical description is softly shadowed white blonde hair with long textured layers and beachy waves. I do all of my own colors, shampooing, drying, cutting, and styling!

This look could be for low-maintenance gals or high-maintenance for two reasons — low maintenance girls would win because to keep this color as healthy as possible. On the other hand, this color is pretty high maintenance to retain the tone- constant purple shampooing, constant toner, and trim appointments to keep the hair healthy because we all know, white blonde is fragile!

You can always change your mind and go for something different, however, once you go blonde, you might not want to go back. I would call this look a blonde bombshell! My favorite thing about this look is how much dimension it has. I would recommend a lot of commitment.

She is a natural level 5, so we have done full highlights every four to six weeks. In the end, we will be able to go longer between appointments and only do partial highlights every six to eight weeks. Between appointments, I recommend using professional hair care products at home. My favorite at home product for blondes is Oribe Bright Blonde shampoo and conditioner. It has a purple base which makes blondes brighter!

It also would not work well with dry curly hair because you want your hair to be healthy to begin this process. Being a blonde works best for olive undertones, however pale skin and blonde hair is a beautiful combo. This is a heavy balayage used to ease her out of doing foils! I love how icy blonde she is and how consistent the color is from roots to ends.

I recommend a purple shampoo for anyone who is trying to keep their blonde hair ashy and vibrant. A balayage looks great for anyone who is trying to stay away from a six week maintenance schedule. Anyone with a lot of color in their skin might feel that their hair looks very artificial.

This is the type of hair that suits people with fair skin. The color is not that damaging so it is friendly for brunettes to try. I would describe this blonde hair color as natural and sunkissed. My favorite thing about this look is the soft blend along with the vanilla ice tones.

After the curls set, I run my fingers through the curls and finish with Amika Texture Spray. To maintain your blonde hair, purple shampoo is a must! Milkshake brand is by far my favorite purple shampoo due to its potency and it smells amazing! Lather the shampoo on your ends first, then work it up into your scalp. Leave on for three to five minutes.

I always recommend clients use it once a week. Any hair type can wear balayage. Stylist Lizele has a magical touch with this color job! This look is a bright, soft blonde using balayage. Using a After curling, use a pea-sized amount of shine finishing cream on the hair and take it through the ends of the curls.

Finish by texturizing and separating the waves with a dry texture finishing spray to add movement and a modern texture. My favorite is from Oribe. I always recommend my blonde clients use a purple toning shampoo to maintain the look. It was created using a micro foiling technique through the root to the mid-length area, then freehand lightened from the mid-lengths to ends.

As this is a natural flowing look, I tend to use as few products as possible. After blow drying and styling, I apply a light hairspray to allow the hair some movement. This is perfect for the blonde client who is looking for a new look, yet wants to remain light. This technique is the ideal way to get the best of both worlds. This look is perfect for medium to thick haired clients. How would you describe this short blonde look and what is your favorite thing about it?

The look is a rooted, yet soft bright blonde. I love the pale and buttery tones paired with a super natural placement. I recommend Blondor Freelights by Wella for some hair painting to create and maintain this color. To blow her out, I used the J Beverly Hills platinum line.

Blonde color hair shades