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Changes in health care e. METHODS: A systematic multi-step process was used capturing information from the literature and user feedback via an electronic survey and live work groups. The Iowa Model Collaborative critically assessed and synthesized information and recommendations before revising the model. Users provided comments with rich contextual rationale and insightful suggestions. They validated the model as a practical tool for the EBP process across diverse settings.

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Yet, providers rarely consider that fathers who perpetrate IPV may benefit from a parent-child focused intervention. Therapeutic work with men, who perpetrate IPV, especially with their children, is complex with issues of child safety taking precedence. This article is meant to provide: 1 a rationale for considering father-child intervention in the context of IPV; 2 specific strategies for assessment; 3 guidelines for determining if a father is appropriate for such intervention; and 4 a review of treatment approaches that have been developed that may assist clinicians in work with this population. This may result in hostility toward providers and hesitancy to disclose information that may be viewed as negative making engagement difficult. This paper is intended to focus on the subset of men who are involved in violence in their relationships who could benefit from intervention focused on their roles as fathers.

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